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You need a closer or are you. Open to rotating that position or even used in your best best reliever in a higher leverage seventh or eighth inning situation where we'd see a stereotypical closer into twenty twenty twenty things a little too early to tell John I mean I think we want to see see what our our roster looks like heading into spring training. I think we've got a lot of possibilities right now. For the sixth through the ninth and we'll look to be creative to to find the best fits for each situation now do von seems to be a a real wildcard linear. He was really impressive. toward the end of last season at Ed both short and second but he so athletic he could do a lot of things that I was the outfield particular Centerfield do see him roaming around the diamond or is he the in the mix at second base with the Solano and the newcomer Gilmer Sanchez. We see it as we see opportunities for playing time as as merit based so We see Yohmor and we see DEVAN. We see Solano. No no as competing for playing time. We see some openings in the outfield and so for that reason we're excited about let's see what do bond can do in the outfield as well and these are conversations that we'll continue to have with with all players. Are you looking For the second baseman to be more defensive minded or more hitting minded because Sanchez comes as a raining. Gold Glover From the white sox where he was wonderful on defense but maybe provide the pop that you might be looking for with this lineup. We're excited about Sanchez's Sanchez's Defense contributions and he's also put in quite a bit of time with with Justin belief. One of our major league coaches Spent a good deal of time with him. This past offseason working through swing adjustments Those swing adjustments Yohmor has been pretty committed to and we're excited to see what those changes producing spring training and in the regular season. Speaking of the new coaches have they at all met with or at least spoken with all the veterans. Including you know buster Posey in Crawford and belt and Longoria. Here's been a lot of work done so far John so Longoria and Crawford both have spent time with our hitting roof in the cage in Scottsdale Buster and some Marjo have both been here in San Francisco had an opportunity to talk to both of those guys. They're both working really hard into to put their bodies and their minds in the right position to have success in in twenty twenty But all of our coaches are making consistent contact with with our players That's that's true for me as well. Some really good conversations with with our players already. Pablo Sandoval is a giant again. Yes or at least he will be resuming. His Rehab with the giants opening day. Seems Unlikely I don't know maybe I'm wrong. But he's A. He's a bit ahead of schedule. But I think opening day is is certainly certainly ambitious given the circumstances right you met with him in Miami off season did that Lead to the signing here or was that the introductory Conversation you had and would you expect from him. It wasn't for sure that he was gonna be back but he does as Bruce Bochy said many times provide a lot of personality in leadership and Enjoy those sure so Collaboration always leads to the signing of players As far as Pablo's lows impact on on the clubhouse I don't think it can be discounted. It's a it's a big thing. He's he keeps the mood life. He knows how to to inspire his teammates and have been example of that. When I went out to Miami and I sat down with Suarez Anderson and Pablo Pablo double had a a really mature perspective on how to handle that conversation he knew when the right time was for to take control of the conversation but he also also knew when to tee up Anderson and Suarez so that I was able to get to know the three of them together at the same time? He's just he's a mature but also very lighthearted joy filled athlete. And then I'll say this as when we came in with the phillies Pablo. Oh was dangerous coming off the bench swing and a good bat and he. We always had to account for the possibility that he was gonNA come up in a big situation and and we knew that he was going to be a grind of a plate appearance. And so yeah I mean He. He had a good year last year with the BAT. And I'm excited for for him. When he's fully healthy he would that be made with Epi June July? Would that be August. Do we know. I don't think we have an exact timeline yet I've I've seen videos of Pablo. He's he shares awesome and he's excited about his progress so he's throwing fairly aggressively at this point And obviously he shared some videos. Swing swing looks good. Looks in good shape. You mentioned Anderson is one of the three met in Miami. Which Anderson was the Sean John Anderson? Okay in Tyler will be ready for the season. I don't know exactly where he is in his time. Line right now but I can get that information for you okay. Anybody else Smiley anybody else. Who is questionable? annable for opening day smiley healthy okay. Yeah we're we're good to go there. Okay Okay and Darren rough another newcomer. Who spent the last last three years in Korea? Yeah hit some home runs. Eighty plus I don't know if that's the level of AAA or what but eighty five home runs. Eighty five home runs. Let's first baseman slash corner. After would you see of him. You nailed it on heat. So in in Korea the numbers he put up. Were really impressive. I I think three years in a row were was nine hundred opie s and I think at least one of those years was over thousands so he was able to to do two things. He's very well that we value number one hit for power number to get on base so and Darren we had some exposure to Darren when I was in player player development with the dodgers many years ago And Look I mean I'm not sure how much of the performance from Korea the last couple of years translates it's two major league baseball but they're certainly reason for optimism. Where's this going to get? Its power This is a tougher ballpark park to hit them. Most if not all and the numbers on the offensive side last few years haven't been impressive on the power side with. Where are you going to get your our our job as a major league? Coaching staff is to take the pieces that we have in this room. The athletes that we that we have in this room in on our roster right now and try try to turn the dial up just a little bit We are a player. Development Focused Major League coaching staff. So one way for us to to get a two to power in our lineup is to improve swings improve swing decisions And continue can you to to make adjustments to get the most out of our our very talented athletes. I think there's another level in another gear in some some of our veteran players. And I think that we're GONNA do everything necessary to develop the the young players that are still coming into their own and I think in Strips Ubon Jalen Davis dickerson. Like these are slater. All of these guys have have some pretty high ceilings. Yes you have a relationship with Kevin Pillar. Yeah we We both come from the same part of California. Yeah Yeah we've stayed in touch over the years. Now he's a free agent yes Farhan told me that before spring training. He's expecting one or two more outfielders in the mix to bring in church and I'm wondering if You might shed any light on whether he would be somebody you'd like to pursue or have I know this. Isn't you know party. Part of your Gig you manage. The team brings the players in but with no and your relationship with other players who have come in. Let me drop that name. Yes so I I'd say I respect the work and the job that far on and Scott hairs are are. GM have to do which which is to decide on on what the roster is going to look like and it's my job to be a thought partner with them on those decisions but then also to I fully support and and get the most out of the players that come into the clubhouse in our on our major league roster rather than speaking to individuals I can speak to characteristics heuristic value I value and respect hard play gritty play Fiery play guys that are tough and that are gonNA scratch and claw in grind for every possible advantage so rather than speak to anyone individuals individual. I can tell you that the character characteristics value. Are Those understood. Some of the characteristics centered on. Roy Does maybe the last thing would be. What could you tell giant Ryan fans about the twenty twenty giants that would make them encouraged after three straight losing seasons here? Yeah I think the thing that comes to mind immediately is when teams get on their charters to fly back to their home cities after playing three game series in San Francisco Cisco we expect for them to be exhausted because of our grind our hustle our determination and our fight. So I think that's brand of baseball. That giants fans can get on board with and one that our clubhouse our players our staff will be proud to play and I think that's an that's an entertaining brand of major league baseball. Well good enough. Thank you very much thank you. Thank you for listening to this. Episode of the giant Splash. We'll have more your podcast leading up to spring. Training and throughout training camp giant splash is part of the San Francisco. Chronicle podcast network. Audrey Cooper is editor editor in chief. 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