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Had no idea that you know. We're hours away or day. Away from from a shutdown. But but you were about to enjoy a long-awaited scheduled day off thursday march twelfth but just curious on on your reflections going back a year. Yeah i remember that conversation about. Johnny cueto outgained concealed light. It was just yesterday. We wrapped up a pretty good game against the range osen and and discussed it. Just like you mentioned there was kind of exciting for me to announce Mike i opening day starter with giant than Honestly really seeing at that point and we understood that we were in a timeline. We're gonna to need to be really careful. But i don't think anybody really careful because of the virus but i. I don't think that anybody at that time was fully prepared for what was to come and i don't think anybody at that time. Thought that you know we were going to shut down But i think what that moment did for all of us in industry one in demonstrated how serious. This was how much attention it needed. And how we were going to need to be resilient together and really thorough guidelines protocols and health and safety earth which. I think we did a really nice job over the course of the summer and even to today after our spring training game day against the borough every day pretty seriously and i think a year ago jumping. You will do you remember where you were when you first either got notified or saw it online or With with your phone or whatever source you used to obtain that information or was it a phone call or how how and where were you Because yeah the club obviously to inform everyone to stay clear of scottsdale stadium and then it became clear. You know within a day or so. You know we're not playing ball and eventually people started going on. Yeah i know. I so i'm just kind of me. I don't remember how that information got. I assume it was be a text. Message from from sky errors or or from far on Because at that point it would be my responsibility to inform our field staff and in our club so that that's my assumption but honestly i don't remember it out permission. Can't i can tell you what what happened. After which was a matt scrambled to make sure that we got the information to all the parties that need lit assumes partial and we started making plans for You know what comes next and we knew that we wouldn't be playmate all anytime soon but we had no so You know we knew that we weren't going to be playing baseball. The next day was for sure and and that in itself was enough of. What's i guess looking back at. You pretty proud of maybe baseball. In general but more in particular the giants how how you as a franchise handled everything because it was so new to everybody. Yeah i am actually to. The giants handled things. I'm not proud of the way. The industry handle things a Around baseball who felt strongly that lobby. We weren't gonna make it through and I think there are people. And i remember talking to national writers more in in just conversations and they were privy to a lot of the information from the various clubs around the league thinking that we work in a start back up at all and so and at every turn there has been and continues to be a ton of uncertainty. And so that's why. I think it continues to be so So important that we continue to focus on health and safety protocols because we're just not out of the work and While it's really comforting to know that we have seen now that we can depend on and that we you know the johnson johnson doc the join moderna and pfizer. We're still we're still not out of the would that. I think we ought to be we. Continue to be dolgin. I don't want us to get overconfident. His point I think we have to take it. Zoos yeah we are A year removed To the day and in your mind how has change. I mean that's a pretty broad question but might there be one or two elements in the game on your mind that that's a year ago you would've said wow i never could have imagined that. Yeah i got two great question. I feel like we all mitt baseball the way we remember it and i ate without need for the ballpark like it was second home. And not coming to the ballpark peeling light. We ought to be really careful because really a major league clubhouse things but it's really a safe space for player players. It replaced to meet you. Eat out to bid socialized to empathize. Plan to strategize. And right now it doesn't feel like it. Did those things now feels like a place in get work done and get out as quickly as possible and i think in particular. I feel most for people around the game like wrong. Lords who really have come to expect the game to be certain way when. You're out the ballpark and that it just doesn't bring back or many of us for that matter. I don't want you know. Ron and others myself included. It doesn't bring saying rubble dot his faction. It certainly it certainly feels great to compete. And i feel walking. We all feel lucky to be at the ballpark every day. But it but it's not the same environment right now. So that doesn't feel that one day i think the biggest change that we're all we're all dealing and hey i just can't get enough that i know that we are all in air very privileged position.

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