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The staples center and John we appreciate a few minutes first of all from what you can garner would we know Kemba Walker is out today how concerned are the Celtics about his health at this point I don't think it's that big a deal I'm sure if this was a must game a playoff game that he'd be out there ready to go just you know load management like we see time and time again throughout the NBA so I don't think there's any big concern for Kemba Walker as we move forward that's certainly the a term of the NBA in the two thousand twenty era so I wanted to ask you we know the Celtics Lakers rivalry was historic in the eighties it's never quite felt the same other than short bursts since that time so do you think John that the two thousand twenty version of these two teams could renew that rivalry for as the first match up between these two this season it didn't do that yeah I sure hope you know obviously the eighties for me of being my age was the greatest thing ever I mean I think the greatest rivalry in sports was the Celtics Lakers and it's it seems to get that big feeling again as I walk into the staples center today to see bill Russell here I just saw Kevin Garnett walk in I'm sure it'll be some other former Lakers will Michael Thompson sitting to my left right here so there's a lot of Laker greats it'll probably be here as well obviously with Kobe's memorial tomorrow a service here staples is gonna be a lot of luminaries here I'm sure but you know those finals in oh eight oh nine whatever they were eight ten they had a great field to I remember being here for game seven between the Celtics Lakers and there's not much better than that then a game seven between these two historic TSB enemy ello NBA analyst John Barry whether you want to call the Celtics Lakers later this afternoon what matchup intrigues you the most here today well any time you have lebron James and these wings for the Boston Celtics you know gore Hey Richard guy to me that's really been overlooked for this Celtic team obviously you want to talk about Jayson Tatum Kemba Walker the two all stars but Gordon Hayward's got his form back we remember the horrific injury obviously but before in Utah for a couple years this guy was an all star player a twenty four point score either eighteen points per game just because you're not gonna have three guys average over twenty that just doesn't happen in the NBA but he's shooting the ball a terrific almost forty percent from the three point line and he's a difference maker to may so you know those three guys Jaylen brown Tatum and Hayward all going up against lebron James and I think we'll see a very hungry Laker team after getting a hundred thirty nine put on a losing by thirty to their worst loss of the season I imagine we see a very spirited Laker group here this afternoon now I know in the Davis is dealing with a bruised calf I I hear that he's expected to go anyway so I'm curious to know if you think it's going to slow him down at all and then also John AZ Anthony Davis allowing lebron to age gracefully or is the bronze is not a actually hitting that age decline yet like we thought maybe he was yeah I think a deal be fine at what he did was just a bruise it happen in the first half of the Memphis came he came back and had a incredible second half of the kia twenty four in the second half I it's seven blocks in that game a look like a defensive of the player of the year candidate so they'll be no problem for Anthony this afternoon and yeah I I think it's a great luxury of for lebron that Anthony Davis is a guy they can go to a late in ballgames and and maybe a little less stress for lebron James but man he looks rejuvenated obviously didn't play in the playoffs last year I missed the last twenty or so ball game so he had extended period time off that he hasn't had a lot of years and it shows because the energies there are spying on both ends of the floor of the floor leading the league in assists at the age of thirty five would be the oldest since the NBA's ever had he's been he's had a credible year but after the Davis obviously play with a guy like that makes the game a lot easier John very ESPN NBA analyst has the Lakers and Celtics this afternoon here on ESPN radio couple of other things around the league the other occupants of the staples center haven't played particularly well lately what do you make of the clippers at the moment well I would venture to say that they haven't had over five practices as a full team and I know they haven't had five games with their full complement of so that that's a big deal I think if you just put the teams on paper I would pick the clippers I would take that roster but again with all the things that have gone on the injuries Paul George with the load management with Kawhi Leonard Beverly's missed time you add Marcus Morris now you add Reggie Jackson it's a team that they're gonna need three two to three weeks at least by the end of the season to get some camaraderie to get some familiarity with each other as they move in the playoff you can't just stick a bunch of guys on the on the court without practice time without game time and think that you're going to run through the Western Conference and get to an NBA championship so health is going to be big like I said those last couple weeks we need to see this clipper team in full if they're gonna make a run the playoffs sticking with some of the other story lines around the NBA Steph curry he's eyeing reportedly a March first return if you were the warriors would you bother bringing curry back well I don't know that it's up to the workers I I saw stuff amount of attendant days ago two weeks ago and I said you coming back he goes yeah I'm bored okay well if that's if you're bored you you've got to go play go play I don't know that is that big of a deal of obviously they don't really need to win at this point of the better the draft pick the better the opportunity they have either make a trade or get a better player obviously but yeah he just said he's bored he wants to play he loves to play and I don't think it's going to be a much heavy lifting because this team regardless of the SDF career not a not gonna win a lot of ball games John there's been a lot of concern around the Sixers this year and now Ben Simmons aggravated this back injury he suffered earlier in the week there seems to be according to Welch real concern on their part that would that in essence really do in the Sixers in the east for this year no question if Ben Simmons as a player they have no chance I would say even if he does play and they start on the road they have no chance at have you seen them on the road lately it's it's unbelievable to have this discrepancy I believe they have the best record at home they've only lost twice at home and I think there may be nine and twenty on the road at this point it's really odd to me I don't understand it I think if you look at something like that that's got to be a leadership thing because there's no way you can have a team be that dominant at home and be that poor on the road so Ben Simmons gone yeah that that team I don't believe it's out of the first round they're going to be either the for five or six seed I would gas and I don't see him getting by a first round series without Ben Simmons John we appreciate the time very much have a great call this afternoon Caskey Celtics Lakers at the staples center three o'clock coverage begins thanks again okay thank you John berry ESPN NBA analyst and get a lot more coming up here in relation to this whole situation with the Sixers with Jo Ellan beat it with Ben Simmons and where that's all going to play out because in the Eastern Conference it's been all about Yanis all season long but last night when you lose Ben Simmons in a game like that that early it is a red flag to where they are headed but Jo Ellan beat have the interesting quote this week we'll get into that in just moments it is very date right here with Chris Carlin and amber Wilson on ESPN radio and ESPN app the end for the.

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