Agoraphobia discussed on The Hardcore Self Help Podcast with Duff the Psych


Anxiety convinces you that it would essentially be the end of the world or that. It would ruin things for you and i think that being responsible for other people's care in working full shifts at work with definitely tap into that fear of being just stuck not being able to get out of it and if you made a mistake that potentially there could be a risk to that so it taps into a lot of the things that are really at the core of panic disorder and agoraphobia. So i get it. I see why this would be a really high for you in one of the cool things about this If i if i may i don't wanna feel don't want you to think i'm being dismissive or anything like that but one of the cool things about this is that it sounds like you're basically at the top of your courage ladder. Courage ladder is what Some of us call a hierarchy. You know so working from the bottom for things that don't generate a lot of anxiety and eventually getting closer and closer and closer to your bigger goals things that you would like to be able to endure and not feel so anxious that you have to escape they up to avoid so this sounds like it's basically at the top of your hierarchy. There probably aren't too many things that are more intense than this for you so this is a challenging one. But that's bad ass because that means that you basically mastered or made significant progress on all of the other steps along the way which is super cool. So what can you do about it I i think that it could be helpful to communicate openly about your situation as much as possible and as much as you feel comfortable with you know. Obviously this is your own healthcare information so you don't like shouted from the rooftops and tell the entire world everybody that you work with and stuff like that that you're struggling with these things but in terms of working with the potential employer whether that's new or somebody you've worked with before he may be surprised. At how much flexibility and understanding as possible with just a little bit of self disclosure helping them understand the situation. Because you know it's the same kind of thing with family members or significant others if they're not aware of what you're going through their left to make guesses about your behavior in they may misinterpret it you know for instance in a workplace things like being late or things like taking a lot of breaks Various types of behaviors. That might be a little bit out of the norm. If the employer has no context about that they may think that you're just being you know just insubordinate for no reason or that you don't care much about the job that you're not taking it seriously. Whatever hopefully they don't hopefully they ask in their. You know they're good about that but you know if you can feel comfortable telling them a little bit about what's going on. That may help things out quite a bit. They also might be able to help you out too so they might be able to help you with ideas..

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