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Representative armstrongadvisorygroup security America companies are unaffiliated representatives of security America. Do not offer legal advice always seek the advice of a professional familiar with the laws in your state Kunar morning. Six is one of the most naked power grabs in human history right now. W R K O just get the green green grass. Because of. Wife just texted me and said what does her house smell like? I assume you know, what it's like, what do you want me to tell you? I think we know you know, what it smells like it, smells like money. She's raking it in hand over fist. I mean. Nine seven eight Texan lightning. I am L A O at work listening to this followed by different. One v. I can't listen to this nonsense. I'm sorry. I gotta leave. It's not for everybody moves, folks. It's gonna be a mix of reviews here. Let's see this is nine seventy. I'm not into reality shows at all. But I'm telling you that one would work. She's unbelievable. My only thing with her like if Hollywood gets their hands on her two they change your somehow come like this jaded business person. I hope not. I mean, I was cracking a black and during that unbelievable. She's a grandma is the Dingle berries. Thank God me so up so much. I'm in the studio like crying lightning. Cake topper, I could pull it. I know you like to let the no they're not. No, that's definitely not happening. I'm sorry. Look, I may have to get you something as a wedding gift. Even think about it. A poo poo platter. Even. Platter? You don't have a good time. Peace in your house. How about a Pooku clock, or what did she call it a coup block, or whatever, I don't know? But don't even think about it. Then between each number. There's a little clump of moose. I'm telling you live in New Hampshire, and what do you mean? It's not for you. Try talking to the fiance about it because I'm afraid he might be into call a towel Hampshire. She's now using cow poop, we can make this happen to me. I love it Mary. You were fantastic. Hey when we come back from move.

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