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The eruptions of sent a plume of ash and steam into the skies above the popular tourist nation white house warning of consequences to the us pakistan relationship if in islamist militant accused abadia of being behind the two thousand eight mumbai attacks is not rearrested impeach follow reports half his aid is the founder of an islamist militant group lashkaretaiba which was batteries of bombing and shooting attacks that killed one hundred sixty six people in one nine two thousand eight been living as a free man for years open pakistan despite a 10milliondollar american bounty hat he has denied the mastermind of the attacks the white house a statement said the decision not to prosecute quote cents a deeply troubling message about pakistan's commitment to combating international terrorism it adds if pakistan does not take action to lawfully detain side and charge him for his crimes its action will have repercussions for bilateral relations and for pakistan's global reputation late in the fall did and pure news loses npr argentina's mood reince assume through notes missing submarine was in good operating condition when it it's all fruit motion some relatives of the forty four missing crewmembers however question whether it was properly maintained today is 11th since assad reported its last position off argentina's goals the us navy is assisting in the search that include ships and planes from russia chile britain and others dreeze the national park service is extending the public comment period on a proposal that we increase fees of some of the nation's most popular parks embarrassed nathan rob reports of the asia has received more than sixty five thousand comments on the proposal already proposed increase would affect the national park service's seventeen most popular parks during their peak seasons that would mean the cost of entry for a card a place like yellowstone yosemite or a katya would more than double the interior department says it the increase is necessary to help the national address longstanding infrastructure projects in budget falls but many lawmakers and state attorneys general have criticised saint it will price people out of the parks that are intended to be uh uh women benefit of all to accommodate their input the national park service says it is extending the deadline for public comments to december 22nd nathan rap npr news members of congress returning capitol hill this week following the thanksgiving break with a long todo list the.

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