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Really don't didn't take anything bad away fortunately i think mike weber touched on this and said hey you wait until we were in the locker room i would've ohio state players would have been a to see that in witness at what could have happened now that's the way i don't what what they're feeling of bennett they wouldn't have been had little idea room and what is seen this this guy gotten disrespect there we're the whole thing and and and do it the way he did it may be a widow created a bit of a problem at that point in the situation away it was what the motions running i live stage just got embarrassing now you're going to add insult to injury there and do that when our state of not if i see it so uh fortunately everybody was in the locker room they heard about it they did witness it and hey now you move on it yeah baker may feels going to be in the nfl in the nottoodistant future and we'll see what happens but i think i will have a problem with i understand it mob ocean got he he apologize lien said you'd have to apologise and i wonder if that was lincoln riley suggesting they applied i don't know i hear this stanage who knows why people do what they do and and say what they say and i have to apologise whatever bottom line is it's over and done with fortunately nothing came of it i'm just glad no ohio state players solid when it was happening because i don't think they withstood fort and just look back and said go ahead and do it so yellow that's the only thing there but the bottom line is the he had a heck of a game he's right now the leading heisman trophy candid i think we would all agree he's the consensus now at the top of the heisman board and because he has the biggest win in cultural yeah that they have the biggest win in the country to this point hey indian street may be over but the baseball playoffs.

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