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Ten and one zero three one W G Y seven boats. One broke free from moorings near the federal dam began floating downstream on the Hudson river this morning. All have been corralled, the captain JP stuck underneath the Livingston avenue. Amtrak railroad bridge for hours at has since been removed. Basil goes Commissioner, New York State Department of environmental conservation tells W G Y at this point travel across the local bridges spanning the Hudson is normal. We had DOT inspectors out there. First thing this morning, right? After the breakup looking at all the bridges between Troy and Albany here. Have there have not revealed any damage whatsoever. The investigation will continue say goes commended the many emergency response teams tugboat operators and coast guard members who worked together, and I witnessed crews help remove the captain JP that was stuck underneath the Livingston avenue. Amtrak railroad bridge Bill tells W G Y news one tugboat in back of the boat one boat in front of the captain JP. Got the job done in Bill says yes, there is damage to the captain JP because look like that derozan like to smoke stacks on top that with like they were ripped off along with some of the railing along on top of the boat bridge. Doesn't look damage whatsoever. Local DJ accused of sex crimes state police have arrested Brian Angelo Clifton park. Also known as DJ Iraq, Georgia stem from a complaint received by police that Angelo had been sexually abusing several young children ranging in age from eight to fourteen years case was investigated by the state police as well as the Cali police department Rensselaer county district attorney's office and the start children's centre in Rensselaer county at the time of his arrest. DJ Iraq worked at local radio station jams. Ninety six point three Troy mayor Patrick Madden. Calling on Republican city councilman. Mark McGrath to resign at issue. A three year old twelve second voicemail. Mcgrath says he can't remember the incident. But in the twelve second message obtained by the time union McGrath could be heard using racial slurs. It's not clear if he's talking to himself or someone else in the room Madden says if McGrath made the statements he should step down immediately coming up the WG y AccuWeather forecast in twenty seventeen alone. Forty two.

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