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Hi this is paul agreeing boot for months i've talked to you by brain core therapy louisiana and many of you listened and called dr nancy is helping hundreds of people who once lived the daily challenge of adhd society oecd depression or other neurological problems people were told the daily medication or suffering where their only options or branco therapy was another option and his changed their lives if you're suffering why are you waiting visit branko therapy of louisiana dot com it might be the best decision you've ever made on the decks mandate seventy eight seventy says i also spent father's day with my family at the movies we saw wonderwoman at how was it you didn't tell me cars through is pretty good i've been hearing good things about wonderwoman and then i just hope everyone at a great father's day and some attacks me they'd seventy eight seventy has my father's there was horrible me and the wife he had a big argument ended up getting kicked out how that's not the way you want to spend father's day your forecast on not much of a brighter note it's gonna be another hot day today but we'll see about a thirty percent chance for spotty showers and thunderstorms and some of those trump's could be other strong sides will keep an eye on that was have gusty winds and heavy rain hi sue climb toronto eighty nine degrees and feel like temperatures in the mid nineties for tonight pretty muggy with a thirty percent chance for spotty showers and storms you little breezy with low temperature down in the midseventies as we headed tuesday all eyes will be on the gulf mexico's wait and see what this tropical system may tried to do or develop expect a windy and warm day with a sixty percent chance for showers and storms wissam heavy rain very likely and a high of eighty three expect heavy rain and thunderstorms was too windy conditions on wednesday with high temperatures in the lower 80s from the pinpoint forecast center i'm wwl tv meteorologist dave nussbaum depending on the timing the heavy rain could continue into thursday if this thing develops more on that coming up clear in seventy seven.

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