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Do, you mean they won't? Answer my call they don't know well hold on now? There's a whole bunch don't there's a? Whole bunch, of difference in what you just said they don't know they won't answer. Your call or they, won't tell you well which one is it did you actually talk to someone at, the body shop Yes okay and you said you. Wanted to know. More details about it and they said we refuse to. Tell, you know I asked? Him who made the second claim and they didn't know And my insurance adjuster, said he was working on it good that's we need to rely. On, we need to know who made the claim that's the first thing. Debbie I promise you we want to help, you but you have to at least tell us who filed the claim we. There's. No. Way for us to help without you finding that out your insurance will know, somebody put the claiming, otherwise you're, going to refuse to pay it because you didn't put it in And then and. Tough daycare I don't know, how anyone's going to hold you responsible for a claim that you. Didn't, put in so they better tell you who put it in and. Please stay with us we'll give you a, phone number to call us back Suzanne just have her call us back but Information, you do now certainly they have to tell her her insurance company? Has to tell her who filed the claim if not flat out refused to pay for it three. Zero three seven one three talk and Ron the state electrical board simply doesn't. Show up for your final inspection did you do it. Yourself. Or did you have a licensed, electrician It had to be done. By license love it actually doesn't have to be done by a licensed electrician they let you? Do it yourself if you want to do it yourself as long as it's inspected but you had a licensed electrician and he called for an, inspection and, these, people, did, not show up actually. Called perform specs oh my goodness and they didn't show up did. They say they were coming, and did not show up four times Yep so this is costing you money why is this a final certificate of occupancy and you want to close. Out your construction, loan well it has to. Be done before we can get the certificate certificate from the county right So it's costing the electricity time and? There, have been very generous this isn't very rural this terrible on where are you located. Larimer Off the end. Of bull mountain in the sand creek listen I don't mind them delaying saying to you you know what we're, really busy urine line you'll be taken in order but to say four times. That they are showing up? And not show? Up one he got lost and the electricity offered to meet them. In the closest town. And what's the second one what's the? Second Okay but the election. Was already there but what? Else what else I couldn't? Find out why the other. Two, okay listen what's the guy's name, I don't have? The name Okay can? You do us a favor Again we wanna help we. Wanna call we need the guy's name we need to know who to. Complain about and who who scream about so we need the guy's name. And we need to know, the dates he did not show up and we're. Right. On my mother filed a complaint Electric has filed a complaint but that doesn't matter it's nothing happened. Right and the head of the larimer county building department filed a complaint okay Did they file did they file it. Against a person yes give me the guy's, name okay you're not, saying, because they all filed a complaint you..

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