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That's supposed to take out somewhere. What that mean? That's why that's why you have to share this with God, because I appreciate, I appreciate you send me up on that. Now I'm hosting this thing so I gotta get it to it 'cause I need you. I've been wanting to talk to you all week about this. 'cause like my flight crew, that was lost twice on my way trying to get the harford. Being Simmons been lost all damn season in Philadelphia. And the face of their franchise is having a year. His name is Joelle embiid. He's having a year. We all know that he's a phenomenal basketball player, have dealt with injuries and all that. But he having a year perk is and I need to know from you, okay? 'cause we talked about this early in the season. Is Daryl morey too slow on pulling the trigger to get rid of Ben Simmons to try to find some trade value. Is he wasting Joelle embiid and what he's doing right now as a potential championship team? Or should he keep showing patience? I'm asking you, should he keep showing patience and wait till next year. What do you think he should do? Well, well, of course, it's a lot of rap with him. Please. I'm a whole ears. When dealing with this whole 76th situation, okay? Here's the first thing. Be as simple as he's going to chill all year and he's going to be lost. Here's why the owners is there more yes who's speaking about it? But it's the only she'll group who's standing firm on the bench in the situation. But we're saying this is that you're not going to force Ian to make us do what you want us to do after you perform the way that you perform last season and the playoffs. Okay? And if we're going to trade you, we're going to get something back then we want back other than that, guess what? We'll find you every day and stay home. What's happening with that situation is is that bro let me make sure this because you said something I want.

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