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The Chris Collins pregame show day about it back the new wells right arena with the head coach the Wildcats and coach before we talk about today's game I'd be remiss if I didn't ask you about the tragic news today of all the Kobe Bryant man you knew yeah I mean it's you know it obviously a legend in the game of basketball but you know I have a lot of history with the bride's family are our dads were teammates together with the seventy Sixers in the seventies I had the opportunity coach Colby on two separate Olympic teams and spend a lot of time with him and those summers and get to know him and his family and and obviously of very very tragic thing and the fact that his daughter was involved as well I mean I'm a it's a little bit of a surreal feeling because it just happened but the fact that he was a friend and someone I knew it makes it you know really a sad day for everybody my condolences a UC you were ahead of him but you do you see an impact in in your players and guys you've coached over the years from him yeah I mean you know for me growing up you know are are kind of role model and and and the idol was Michael Jordan you know for our players now you know it's lebron and Kobe you know they they're the guys that these guys have grown up idolizing wanting to be like and to see someone at forty one years old you know lose his life so suddenly so tragically it was a sad day our players were pretty shook up about it and you know hopefully they can throw themselves and you know some is tough as it may be to to go out there and compete at a high level basketball because that's that's what Kobe would have wanted well you look at the way your team is played and it's set up and when you lose a lot of close games and we lose games that you feel you could have won it can it can tear the heart out of the team how have you guarded against that happening with your guys yeah I mean I we try to stay really upbeat we've tried to accentuate the positives even though we've had some really tough losses and you know we tried to show the guys you know the the the fine margin in the narrow margin it is towards winning and you know a play here a defense of stop there a big rebound you know those one two or three plays can be the deciding factor in winning and losing and you know I feel like our guys are are remaining upbeat because they they know how competitive they ban and they know we're playing some pretty good basketball but but it is tough when you continually put yourself in those positions it comes up short so we're hoping for that breakthrough and and we're really hoping it can be today what's your line up gonna look like today well we're gonna go a little different direction AG Turner's gonna start Robbie Perrin got things up a little bit in practice after our last game unfortunately nothing serious he's going to be okay but impacted his practice time a little bit over the last couple days and we want to be careful with him he'll give it a go not sure how much she's gonna be able to give today but yeah we'll bring him off the bench and and give AJ shot the starting lineup right to is so high state team at one point was ranked third in the country obviously they have a great player and Caleb Weston would you see from them well they were top five in the country you know a month ago and and had wins over Villanova in Kentucky in Carolina and and in our league you know if if it gets going a different direction I can go quick and this is a very talented basketball team they're very well coached a one of the better players in the leading Caleb lesson and they're going to be hungry for went so we know that just like we are so you know we know that that we have a big challenge ahead of us today were and hopefully have to get off to a good start and maintain it not just for thirty minutes but try to try to maintain it for a full forty thanks good luck thanks Dave as Chris Collins back with more in a moment this northwestern basketball presented by when trust on seven twenty WG you ever wished for your sports to be seen T. V. and radio you may be able to right now see if you can get that kind of thing my game dot com IMG college I think.

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