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Everybody should interview rubbers delight the background magnet picked up on death course in adamas davis one of the few panthers it seems to have something positive will use a curry pair camped at the panthers all had nickel ore to back them up a good point out of a ditch guy said the former players that's the ex girlfriend's right for them to say exactly so they feel some kind of way about it at length people are still trying to figure out why was this done anything to and in terms of what is the reasoning especially now right before training camp that she would get rid of a gm that had dave gettleman track while not necessarily validating why was done with thomas davis to an extent is right it wasn't all because of him and greg olsen but it did have to do with them and had to do with collectively the way the gentleman has responded in acted in his as general manager it's something that you're richardson quite frankly did not want from the guy running his golf's new information it's not at all and and it goes back to the josh norman but when you cut steve smith andy angela williams and then you wind up in the super bowl in 2015 you could validate those departures when you cut in rescinded the franchise tag of job woman in the next junior secondary falls off then the internal chatter starts to develop arba gentleman inherited a poor cap situation he inherited a lot of talent would a poor cap situation for marty hardy who looks like he's in line to be the interim guy so what differences evian riches of what side that make him acceptable as an into gaza strictly familiarity and somebody's got to do the job in the interim rule yes and you can point to some of those core players there reporter that 2015 team but i'm gonna say something that might be a slight defence of gettleman he acquired forty one of the sixty players on that 2015 super bowl team in three offseasons izzo and like you said he inherited a salary cap situation that herni in some capacity put them in by a lot of these bolstered contracts and that's exactly part of the.

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