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Reverend abraham fleming of what is now called suffolk. So he was from the area of suffolk okay and his essay titled a strange a terrible wonder he wrote quote this black dog or the devil in such a likeness running along down the body of the church with great swiftness. An incredible haste. The people in visible form in shape passed between two persons as they were kneeling upon their knees and occupied by prayer as it seemed wrong. The next of the most at one instant clean backward in so much that even at a moment where they need they strangely died and coke kronos. This is believed to have actually happened weight. Had it strangle them with pies just that it just the way the story is written it ran past them at strangled them as it was running through. The editor runs so fast that like the next twisted their next neck to estes say if he strangled them does he have opposable thumbs if he's a monkey as true. I mean that's where the monkey comes from. This person describes the dog so there was also believed to be a sighting of black and a church in life. Bre in fifteen seventy seven in which another two people died so like down the street and the steeple mysteriously where the scorch scratched marks of black shot could still be seen on the door however this particular citing took place during a thunderstorm and it seems that the steeple at the collapsed during the storm thus potentially being caused by the storm and the scorched scratches may have been from a lightning strike. But we weren't there. What are we want to believe you do. Yeah there's how will we ever know for sure. Is the jersey devil. Just an plex. Their best friends along with the headless pirate. Jersey devil took care of the steeple and black took care of the people inside and scratch down the door and people in the steeple in two fourteen. Archaeologists in the dig venture group discover the bones of a large dog buried outside the kitchen buildings of the abbey about seven miles away from holy trinity church and blythe This discovery immediately prompted some news outlets such as daily mail to report that the bones of black shuck had been uncovered thus proving the existence of this legendary creature. Oh came down. Of course the archaeologists quickly scramble to do everything they can to prove that this wasn't the case and save their credibility firstly. The news had been reporting the finding of bones of a dog that was seven feet tall literally impossible like from it's from its to shoulder or from like it standing up potter shoulder. That's ridiculous that's like clifford. This was certainly not. The case is the skeleton and covered was closer to the size of say a great dane or mastiff and i was thinking. Basically brandon wilkins the archaeologist detailing. The findings went on to say that they discovered the dog head quote heavily worn teeth in osteoarthritis in his ankle joint all indicating that he was an elderly dog at death and mom so the owner just buried him. Furthermore wilkins pointed out that the skeleton of dog they discovered had been quote laid to rest with care and consideration. And also not now you would bury a fearsome creature that's been terrorizing the countryside thus they concluded that the dog the discovered was a working dog that lived a long life well into retirement and likely had time..

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