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I and everywhere else, and then we'll continue to put them out here over the course of the next few days, and then start airing some of these interviews on our next show, which will air we'll be out Friday at midnight. And then in the next week will keep dropping these interviews on the show no-doubt and we've got we've already begun. We'll you some. This information we gathered at the combine as well. As the most stuff we've been doing on the side here to work on our three sixty series, which I know everybody enjoys that. We'll be back this year as well. We look at some of the top players and going back talking to their high school coaches teammates, you name it. We do a full workup on some of the top guys in the draft. So that'll be coming your way and just a little bit. But we've got a tremendous amount of content coming your way. Do we know? I know it's a little bit earlier in the week. Do we know what's coming in the Bucky? Brooks notebook this week. What's ahead? We'll working on it. So we working on discussing. Josh rosen. Josh Rosen value. So what I'm gonna do is dig down into save just kinda give my assessment on that talk to some guys give their take on where they think he would fetch back on the open market. Well, the next time we convene we can discuss. How I guess right about the Oakland Raiders picking up Antonio Brown. Now, the Redskins are trade to one's just just you know, that's always on the table. That's always. All right. That's going to do it for us today. Thank you guys for listening. Thanks to to can't for hustling like crazy Mark Brady was down there. Big big boss down, there hustle and his well buggy phenomenal job at the combine. I cannot wait to continue these conversations as we go towards a twenty nineteen NFL draft. We have all your needs right here on the move this podcast. We'll catch you next time. Downloading move the sticks with Daniel, Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks four more. Go to NFL dot com slash podcast.

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