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I know a lot of it and actually looked up some of it, but I prefer to let my guest kind of tell the story of where you grew up. You know what did you play and kind of how did you how did you into this business? Yeah. Well, we got a little time. Usually doesn't fit radio show. It's doing podcast. No, I grew up in northern Michigan and a place called traverse city you know, people like that's how I got into scouting, and I tell him really in the NFL, the only advantage that I had with that, I knew and I wanted to do from the time out about six or seven years, old, honestly, grew up around the game of football, and my dad was a coach then what he's stepped away from teaching and coaching we moved to a new town and just by chance there, the kid who I became best friends with his dad was the varsity coach at that school. So just, you know, grew up, you know, two days and, you know, being the equipment manager when I was in elementary school, and running water bottles out at time out and all that stuff that just grew up around the game and then grew up playing it. You know, played a lot of baseball and basketball in high school as well. And when I got done with high school, my only opportunities. To keep playing with with small school football division two division three. So this was pre internet. You couldn't just get on and Google, you know how to become an NFL scouts. So I had no clue. It was just, you know, I idea what I was doing. And I got waitlisted at the university of Michigan. So I was really planning to go play division three football. And once I got into Michigan, I figured, oh, well, that's how people must do it. They must work for, you know, a big, big powerhouse football program or something like that. I really again, just had no idea. And then I went to Michigan for, for four years. My last two I went down and volunteered. And the Atlantic department did a lot with the football team did some stuff on the weekends with the basketball team networks would come into town to make a little money. And then I get sent out resumes and cover letters, really. And back then there was no internships, and the scouting side of things and your only your only way to get your foot in the door was through the. Office. So then out resumes and cover letters to all the PR department through on the league got rejection, letters back from all of them, and except for the Packers and the Packers called and, and brought me over there for training camp. And it was the year. They won the Super Bowl in ninety six and at the end of camp they needed they needed extra help for the year. So they asked me to stay on. And really that was the it was an unbelievable year and all I did was whenever I was done with, with my PR responsibilities for the day. If I've got a break in the day, I would go up to the scouting department, and, you know, bother John Schneider, and Reggie McKenzie to sit and watch tape with those guys and there was five future GM's on that staff. So it was just one of those right place, right time, meet the right people type of thing. And, you know, when you when you broke in not out of Princeton in Washington, that year that was my first year on the road is a scout. John Schneider had been hired to be the right hand guy for mardi Schottenheimer. And in John..

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