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All right thank you john and moments ago you heard president trump reminding the american people of his anti regulatory efforts the american academy from washington overreach cutting twenty two regulations for every one the new regulation the most and history by far we've cut hundreds and hundreds of regulations allowing people to have their businesses work that businesses in people some american workers who are protected by some of those regulations are starting to push back now against these efforts allen levin is a regulation reporter for bloomberg news and joining me now andy bloomberg 991 studios here in washington dc and alan listen to spoil it down on a couple of things that we noticed in the past week the administration reconsidering those rules that protect coal miners from black long and some farmers who are actually protected by one of those regulations that the president wants to roll back some chicken farmer specifically are actually going to sue the admitted stray shen because they say they need that regulation so bring this up to speed that these people who seem to be the president's basin who would have supported them are now starting to feel what's happening with the regulations and that's true and and there's a a truism in the world the regulation which is any time you act to do anything that helps one group of people you almost inevitably hurt another group and so in these examples you gave uh you know in the final days of the obama administration they passed a rule that gave small farmers little more leeway to try to sue the big producers um and trump is now uh pudding that on hold but um and and in that uh it was sought by these big agricultural interests so they're very strong economic uh uh forces that want it but you have this other group of small farmers who feel that their ability to uh prosper now is threatened by this rule so so they filed suit we'll see how far that goes.

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