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Doesn't. Jennifer Kuiper, CBS News. WTO news time, 1148. Traffic and weather on the Gates, here's rob stone within the WTO traffic center. In Virginia on the interloop near the George Washington Parkway may have a new wreck blocking at least one lane on the inner loop as you head toward the American legion bridge and a loop near the Springfield interchange that crashes along the right side completely on the right shoulder, but drawing a little bit of attention because it's facing the wrong way. On 95 southbound near lord and exit one 63, getting the first report of a crash possibly blocking the right lane westbound 66 as you head toward 29 in Senegal and out toward Gainesville and Prince William Parkway, the left lane block for the work zone traveling on mcclain on the GW Parkway near the ramp to the antelope. That crash reported to be along the left side, so scratched the one on the interloop near the GW Parkway, so watch out for that. Otherwise, in Maryland, on the beltway, this is the inner loop ramp to southbound Georgia avenue, crash reported at the bottom of the ramp, may be on a police direction, nor the problems on the beltway as a role in Montgomery county or in prince George's county. If you're traveling to 70, you're in decent shape leaving Rockville headed toward Frederick, but in maysville, south mountain, eastbound I 70 before the south mountain rest area, listen to calls in, a crash involving an overturned U haul truck at mile marker 39, blocking two right lanes, eastbound route 50 at the bay bridge, the base of the bay bridge, the left lane is blocked for the crash tow truck now on scene, a single right lane gets you by there. Otherwise, no problems on the BW Parkway, but northbound remains sluggish between one 93 and one 97 with traveling to open. If you're in the district, southbound, D.C. two 95 delays toward east capital street, northbound I two 95 before the suitland Parkway in south capital street broken down on vehicle now wrapped up and gone. All you traveling are open and available there. When you need to hire, you need indeed the hiring solution helps you attract interview and hire candidates all in one place, visit ND dot com slash credit. I'm rob stallworth WTO traffic. Now let's check in with storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts. Partly to mostly cloudy today and radar dry right now. And that's a good thing we had a few

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