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It's about right. We'll have to maybe do tells from from the Indies next week. I think it. See, I thought at the wizard world, Chicago, this past weekend, have a lot of fun at his expense everywhere. Oh, that's right. He sent me a picture of you with your face jammed in your phone. He has no room to talk. He was on his phone more to actually person that was that was that my with me look. Sure. Why was he was on you but your phone? He's been on his phone way more than you and they pointed that out. So I'm just saying that Tommy and one thing was he can't. He went to come like we're news like this curtained-off area. So he went to go out his curtain and I saw him and he's gonna come round and Bizet in in Mike, my little booth area. So when I saw him standing like walking behind my curtain, I threw a stomach punch through the curtain. I dropped him on the other side. It was great. Good. Oh, you don't real quickly to. I forgot to mention that. So Betty, she's branching out apparently shirt, and she didn't other podcast this week and what? Yeah. But here this out because it's it's flipping adorable. So the there's this eight year old named MacKenzie and a ten year old named, I believe it's Molly, and they have a podcast called the baby faces of wrestling and two girls that just love wrestling and they just kind of talk about stuff that involves wrestling and their dads, the moderator, whatever. And he had sent a tweet out to me and said, hey, could we get dej? Could you help us get Beth Phoenix on this thing? So I told Beth about it and she did the show this week in it's so it's so adorable. I mean, the. The white girl that MacKenzie, she's eight and she was. So what's your favorite color? And it was just so innocent and pure cute and just two, two little girls that are trying something because they love wrestling and it's it's horrible. Yeah. So that was their first Fisher dance, clipping flipping. Well, now that I'm talking about that, you know them. I feel like I have to keep it clean five minutes that we talk about their point cast at the was the Comecon this past week. And the guy said he was starting a podcast enough tips. I have no fucking clue what I'm doing. You're asking the wrong guy here clearly if he's he's listening to this week clearly. Yes. Yeah. There's not much but game plan. Talk, you Drake maverick their gimmick voice where, yeah, there you go. All right, let's do it. Drink maverick, brother, brother. Hey, everyone. This is Kobe Bryant, and I like to introduce you.

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