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Carson winter stats yesterday. Like thirty for thirty seven yards multiple touchdown. I just don't I don't think that'd be the first guy. I would blame for this loss. You know, he had the ball to the game by I just think there's other factors that contributed more than Carson Wentz. Like the second last drive. You know, you ran at twice I didn't think that was very smart, and you could three and out. But like you guys said the third quarter just not aggressive enough that really ended up costing you like even as a fan sitting there watching. I felt like the game is in our hands up seventeen. But a humble reminder. You know, the Panthers are a good veteran team. They've been in the Super Bowl not that long ago. It's it's easy to see what happens down. I just take my call guys. All right, easy to see. What ha-? I it's not easy for me to see what happened. At all. It's not easy for me to see at all. How how how does that happen is what I say? How does that happen? How do you allow a team to come back? When you this is a game. You need you. Go your four three you're going to London you beat Jacksonville your five and three to break. Right. Five and three after everything that happened during the first half of the season five and three you're looking at me like that's awesome now going to run in the second half. Now, you're three and four. And this is this is desperation ally. Yeah. Native play desperate in the fourth quarter. They just didn't they didn't play desperate in the fourth quarter. You know, when they tried to when they finally woke up and realized it was a three point game. Now. Too late by then Carolina had all the momentum by then. They had all the moment. You felt it too. When it got to be three point game. This is where this is where I was saying man, you can't give them a ball bat. You want to do is give the ball back. And they did you needed to score there. That's that's the thing with Carson. Right. And this is Doug to for the play calling. But this is where it's on Carson. It's not just about that lasts drive. You three chances in the fourth quarter to to put points on the board to make it harder or iced the game. Instead bang. Touchdown. Touchdown touchdown. You gave them that ball back. Everybody shares the responsibility in that on offense as well as the coordinators in Doug. But he's the quarterback. He he has the ball in his hands. You have to win that game. Go to the van in Newark bond. Hey, what's going on John? What's going on? I appreciate my calls. Always like the tap in. And just give you guys what I think. But a John I'm with you today may if if that was Aaron Rodgers out there that was Tom Brady out there. You would expect with two minutes left in a game for your quarterback just to produce. You know, we got the we got the the passionate appearance when Sean that was great that put in great position. And Carson just didn't have to get it. All right away. It was third into check down wide open even a scramble for the two yards or even get it closer to make it one yard four from one the third into Dennis four f- into it. Just it just blew the game. You know, it's just those type of situations where we need the quarterback to be our guy and win the game force. I just don't want him to over think. It just take with the defense gives you. We had two time outs. A minute less had plenty of time to work the game. Now, how I read what you, you know. Defense didn't make plays. But like John say, there's two minutes left on the on the game clock. And our quarterback has the ball. Everyone wants him to win especially in the red zone, which you do in championship football. You just gotta take advantage of those type of things. And that's that's all I gotta say about. Cars in my guy. I love Carson at death. But it's just yeah. It's just like you said it's one of the rough patches that will make him great. You know this game we really needed to gain. You know, I wish you could learn it in another game. But this is a game that we really need and he had to learn that. So I just I know Carson abouts back, but I do believe that just game. He should have won it for. Yeah. I just I can't see I can't go. I can't go along with that. I understand the reasoning behind it. And that certainly is a facet of why they lost. But I I just don't think you talk about Rogers and Brady and how you would have expected them to win the game. It's okay to you know, why you expect them to win the game. Because you know, how good they are. So that's that's perfectly understandable. But you don't turn around and blame them when they don't win it. Yeah. You're not blaming those guys. You're kidding me. When Tom Brady getting blamed for not winning a game or Aaron Rodgers. No, they go straight to the other players on the team. They go straight to the other players on the team. It's Tom Brady. Get blamed for fumbling the ball in the Super Bowl. No bill. Ballot. Check I blame for not playing Malcolm Butler. Right. Yeah. Okay. Well, Tom Brady said five hundred five yards. Wall numbers. Don't matter. Right. Do points matter. Okay. How many points did eagles have yesterday? Oh now, we compare them to that. No. I'm saying. No, no. No. No. No, no. What I'm talking about is in that scenario when the quarterback doesn't come through. He brought up Brady and Aaron Rodgers. They would not get blamed Tom Brady doesn't get blamed for losing the Super Bowl. He doesn't know. He doesn't. Okay. So so he had the balls. Oh, danny. He he did. Okay. So then why doesn't he played? I think because of the points that he put up in the game. We could we could sit here and do this. And you already know what I'm saying? All I'm saying is you fixated on Carson Wentz. Really as if that game was about Carson Wentz losing it. When it wasn't knows about Carson Wentz needing to win it, and he didn't we agree on that point? Okay. The team didn't win it the team the team. Definitely. So. Carson Wentz didn't win. It is blaming Carson Wentz puppet Los yesterday. And that's not the reason they loss. But if he would have gotten one completion to win. Dell small would it could have been the reason that they won. Okay. So if he threw out the window, and he dropped it like he did two weeks ago. Then what who's on first? I'm not just saying if he threw out the window like he did a couple of weeks ago and Wendell drops it is it still Carson, Wendy. Well, the game the drop which could have been at the very least the first down out of bounds or a touchdown argue to different things that series versus the entire game. That's two different things. That's one series. Carson was having an excellent game before. No, I saw it before the fourth Carson outside of the last three drives really mean you look at the one drive where they went seventeen plays. And they score the touchdown. It took up over nine minutes on the clock. You thought the game was offered that point ballgame drive all the way down. I just don't see how you how Carson is Carson's fault. I don't I don't come away with that take away from the game yesterday fourth as the furthest thing from my mind is that Carson Wentz cost us the game yesterday. Didn't cost them. Go to Wade in Chester Wade. Yeah. How you doing? Are you what are way? Because in the Super Bowl when Tom Brady kept scorn Nick foles had to come back out score the whole game. They never put the ball. Carson Wentz has the ball on a twenty yard nine. How are you? How was it? Not Carson fought that they lost the game. When he was the one that fumbled the ball and had a million open. Now, no one was opened up a seventeen point lead and a quarter. Are we there yet? Are we at the point where we can honestly finally criticized Carson with because I don't like this this white glove thing that you plan. No, I know 'cause you still won't Nick foles Annetta quarterback. So I know I Gotcha. Listen, I know. No, no, no, no way. That's what you want. So. Wait. Wait, wait. You can be critical of Carson Wentz his decisions after they had first and ten they're down there. That's that's that's I'm not excusing any of that. But to focus in on that as if that was the entire reason why they lost the game. I think it's crazy. I just I just. Go ahead. Sorry. Jeffries in the back is on name over right? Yeah. Yeah. Right. Yeah. So he was wide open. Wasn't he on what play which on which one actually on both of them? He was opening on bump plays on the final play on the final play. He got rushed. I'm sorry. As opposed to block for himself, also left, right tackle and right guard. Yeah. I mean is the post to block for himself? He fumbled the ball because he's getting hit out. You're right. The guys that are making tens of millions of dollars in front of him. They don't have to do their job and protect boring. I didn't like that play. Call at at all. Here's the thing. When you really think about it? He made one.

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