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With Braun, the league guy can openly hopefully repair brave. Harper also can have one last chance to break out as a single star. When this is over, maybe taking on Bronner break. Let me know your thoughts regards Jack. I don't think we've I haven't talked about it this week, but I do think it's we're talking about the missed opportunity to have Braun team with Bray. Lucar MacArthur instead of drew McIntyre and Dole's Ziglar for the reasons that check laid out. Does that work as well or does not work as well and wide Jason. At this point to me bring why is the kiss gaffe everything the guys involved in just dies this long, painful, death, and. I love the character when it came up and when it was annexed t- they're still much that could have been done with it. So the idea, I guess, to put him with Harper right now. I okay. Yeah, I get it when sidelined slide slide. The two of them back together again through on, but it doesn't excite me. It's nothing with Bray. Wyatt really excites me anymore. I just don't think they have ever figured out how to write that character. I don't think vent his vision for that character meshes with Bray Wyatt zone vision. I'm Brian Fritz is asked him at a couple of different wrestlemanias if you know something along those lines, if he feels like they understand the character and he's political about it, but it's basically implied. Yeah, no, but they're getting better that kind of thing. And at this I, you know, it's it's just he's in no man's land. I mean, he was put together with Matt hardy too, and that's gone. Nowhere. They did the weird feud where their baby faces feuding with lovable underdog baby face it. None of it made any sense. So I mean, I get what you're saying about putting the three of them together with Braun that I think that appeals to be more than just, okay, Rowen's out. So we're gonna find a reason to move wide over to smack doubt that would've worked for me more where bronze leader because I don't. I don't think I don't see a leader anymore ages brings everyone down. No, I agree. And I think there could be an issue where they think, well, if braised with Braun takes away Bron alpha because Bray, it's hard to mention Bray as a follower or just a side kick, and so it could perc- could create the perception that Braun is not the leader that raise the mastermind, and that's not that's diminishing broad as a top top guy, he'll or face. And also Vince might think this is elevating. Wolf, Andrew, which it is, and he might be a lot more concerned rightfully so about elevating for McIntyre than he is Luke corporate wide at this point. And maybe just giving Ziglar that that that last added peace, he needs to be seen as higher than he has been the last couple years. This can do that and drew doll firmly established, heels Bray, baby face, Luke, you know, he'll team, but I mean, it doesn't Braun uniting with brain. Luke doesn't scream. He'll turn events, watts Brown to be. He'll dolphin drew screen -til torn-. Yeah, yeah. And there's a way to do it with, you know, not the Wyatt family anymore. Maybe it's just a family and Bray is a good promo when you don't have him wander off and talk about a bunch of nonsense. But if you actually give him something to work with, I think he actually could explain that the three of them are a family. It's not just, you know, it's no longer about longer. The Wyatt family basically, and he could basically be insured of propping up the other two with the Mike work. So he does the bulk of the might work, but he doesn't away where he's building up, especially Stroman rather than making himself the center of the universe. I do think he pull that off. Yeah. If he shifted into being more of a manager whose whose primary focus is getting over the other guys that might be better for him than than the mastermind who ultimately is one in the ring. Also the elva. Yeah. And maybe they'll head that way eventually. But I don't nothing jumps out at how they get there on the journey that they're onto the Vardi announced dolphin, drew in Rome against the shield at the at the Australian stadium shows so right. I think they're going to stick with that. All right. Don know.

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