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Yes one of these two employee's did describe hearing shots from within the building that he was in that person has been able to to now leave the campus safely i think it is hopefully a positive sign that we're not seeing chatter on social media about gunfire still happening no indication that the right now people are having to take over at this moment that may be a positive sign but we only know what we're seeing or not seeing online and well received ms aerial pictures thanks brian stelter let me bring josh campbell back the former fbi supervisory special agent and josh right now we're we're looking at images of youtube employees ease presumably who are lining up to be frisked by local police to make sure that none of them is the shooter and that that's obviously one of the complications when you have an active shooter situation now it is and you know as i mentioned before this is going to take some time there are a lot of people that work in a facility of this size so again similar to a fire drill if you think of at your place of employment we now are in the area of active shooter drills employees go through that they know where to go where to unite once they're outside the building and we're seeing that now employs that are gathering together and again the law enforcement of responding is going to go through each person to make sure that there's not a threat and a lot of this is going to depend also on what witnesses are saying so is as going through and not only determining someone among them maybe involved but they also want to know what they saw they want to know what they heard so that they can determine what it is that they're dealing with is this one person that showed up and maybe that someone new or was it a stranger maybe someone didn't know that's all we're going to be good intelligence that they're going to need in order to figure out what they're dealing with so john us win win google which owns youtube tweets out that they are working with authorities and.

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