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Absolutely gutted with injuries in old lonzo which which one one you was on philly in which one he was on the i was on philly okay marcellus you riding with the lakers i mean that's the lakers talk for marceau's put a year i probably would have been the other way you know knowing that it travis is over here the nitty gritty at temple center a lot you know i guess i should trust this basketball opinion ourselves it just didn't drinking i haven't drinks courtside bomber so more fun right that's why i worked so hard in the gym so we can have absolutely absolutely these last couple of weeks mike with everybody being hurt and missing and obviously tonight they're going to be incredibly short handed again is there any evaluations that can be done for luke walton for magic johnson rob pelinka can can you get any information about the guys that are out there right now considering how depleted they are from a personnel standpoint yeah you can always get something i i guess i'm trying to think like marcellus football even if it's in practice right if it's on tape they'll get something out of it like even if even if the circumstances aren't elite are ideal like for example maybe we've learned in this last week or two that josh heart or relief had this reinforce the josh hart is a little more than just a three d guy maybe we wouldn't have had the chance to see that if you weren't playing thirty five minutes in having the chance to go ahead and create his own shot and guard multiple guys if everybody were healthy and he was down into the twenty minutes a game range so that's the kind of thing i think travis that you're looking for but there isn't much of that right like thomas bryant you get nine minutes to look at hampshire you you learn a little something but it it's it's certainly not as it certainly not as productive as the alternative when all of young guys are playing and showing you something but i'll at least give that josh heart example to say that you get something out of it.

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