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So I think that that's that's the best that you can hope for. And and really And they still have to. They have to get this one. Right? Obviously, with Chris Peters here on the Western Hotline might show up in the bulldog. This is w gr. Well, at least somewhat transitioning into some prospect. Talk here. Chris. What does The what is possessing the first overall pick in this draft due to the equation. Would it be such that they wouldn't or would want to add someone else High up on the draft? Because that seems like that maybe could or should happen in such a trade. What? What is all of that worth? Yeah, well, you know, I think having having the first overall pick gives you such great flexibility because it allows you You know, you get whoever you want in this draft with that pick, most people would suggest the number one guy his own power and that you know, that's a top end defenseman. So You know that that gives you you know, if you say that, Okay. Well, if we do get another one if we get another high pick who are the players available to us? Do we have centers? We have elite wing. You know, I think that With Darlene. And if you have power, then you're probably looking forward Or are we looking at the elite goaltenders in the draft as well Because there are two guys that will probably be top 15 picks in the draft in Yes, we're all set. And Sebastian Costa. Um, so there are a lot of options available to you. I just think that you know you're going to need a lot of other pieces in addition to that, because I think Anything outside of really the top two. For me. I think there's enough of a drop off to the next here, but but you're still getting quality prospects. Guys that should be top six forwards. Top four defenseman those kinds of players Are available in that range. So, um, yeah, if you're if you're going to get some more picks, it just gives you more flexibility and knowing you know, you can take the best player available at number one have the best option and then you still get one of You know the more coveted prospects in the draft if you do have a selection within that top 10. Particularly in that top five. Where where you can make a previous pretty significant impact on your your prospect Pool and your NHL roster for as early as next season. Chris, How solidly are you on? Oh, and power is number one overall like is that in permanent ink? It is for me. I think that you know, he kind of solidified it even further. At the World championship when he played for Canada just to see his readiness, his level of of improvement from the beginning of this year to the end of this year. Um, just, you know, playing at Michigan. He didn't have incredible point production. You know, I think that it took us Took him a while to figure out what he needed to do to produce offensively at the college level, which is not uncommon for true freshman. I mean, it's just really he's a young freshman and had just come made the jump from from the U. S. H l where he was a highly productive defenseman. So you know he at least has the offensive demon has been his In his rear view mirror there, and I think that he will continue to get progress towards that, if if he does, you know if he's in the NHL, or if he's in the N C double a next season, So for me, I I think that he's just the best player available. Impact the game most ways. I think you know you're looking At a top pairing defenseman, a guy that can play big minutes and the fact that he was able to play for team Canada. They didn't really know what they have there. They kind of let up, left him on the bench in the first game, and then they kept giving them more ice time and more ice time and more ice time. To the point where he was essentially a top pairing guy playing with NHL players, and, you know, he said that he could potentially go back to school, which I don't think should scare anybody, and it should certainly shouldn't scare The Sabres away, even if even if he wants to go back to school next season, because as we've seen with with college defenseman Many of them have gone back for that second year, and it made all the difference in the world to their development. With Chris Peters here on W G r Bulldog, you have something else or No. Yeah, well, I think considering how Michigan season ended Chris, right. I mean, they got bounced out of the tournament because of Covid couldn't even Could even you know, get going in that and they'll be stacked. I mean, if they bring back all the guys that are going to get drafted here, Johnson veneers and add Luke Hughes like they I think are probably the number one team going into the year. Are they not? Absolutely. I mean, as long as the only power is there, I think for sure, But even if he's not there going to be one of the top teams and a contending team, um they also have Eric Portillo, who is probably going to get a lot more ice time. Next year. The Sabres prospect and, you know, really talented young goalie. And I think we'll do well, but But, yeah, I mean that that is a group there. I had just had Mel Pearson. We recorded this interview for my podcast will be out this week on the head coach there and he's you know, he's really excited about what could potentially They could potentially have next season and I think there is an air of unfinished business for those guys. There's also the fact that None of them had a real college season. You also they want to have that experience, so I think that they're going to be an outstanding team. It would be a good place and police will continue to progress. So, Chris, I just want to sort of make this general observation with you on here about about the situation more than like a specific question. Um, you know, I my comment leading into this conversation was pretty snarky. It's not the best time of year for Sabres fans, but you know, you get it like it's The draft and changes and all that. That sort of thing. I just wonder like, so I might have a team here next year without Eichel and without Reinhart, and just like, Who's the goalie? All this? Newness to it, and it's blasting the league..

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