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She said you can have it when the going dog right so this is before trump fragments transferred to Western we made two hundred so they gave us the dog on the Fireman Joni Stage Manager. We got a lot of me. She completely blocked out the ferryman. There was another actor who I just choice about the month all right. WHO's GONNA play psychology. I think it was Joel mccower who suggested Judy hasn't been The was is another actor who I won't say who it is but who who had a similar experience to me. Julie said it should be that's actor. Good is up to Julie itself. The size I uh-huh is basically another actor coming on to read these files to view and that's the first that you have what I wanted. What I wanted to do was to hit my files. My psychologist bull for the first time on stage in front of an audience audience because I did not want isolating the experience of the psychological effects that he would have on me reading those files alone like those twelve the people who did exactly the same thing committee two Saudi males. I was frightened spicy Larry Cypher the Nevada. It absolutely shrew an out there. I know don't folks counter. Intuitive deaths are people thinking. The people they all know is not true. It's not true but you see that clear as day for me. I was like a cool stage rub. This blog saying exactly that insieme thought processes happened. Julie said Yeah Julia hasn't been DOJ says she would be OCTA and if she acted psychologist and Julie went into rehearsals with John McGraw but I couldn't go to rehearsals because I wasn't going to hear no. I was going to hear the report until I was on stage so just to get something here this tatum theater but on another level yet all into the level and I I don't know how to I would love to be able to package this. I genuinely would because there is a need need for people who do see that files is for the hospital is in full your your doctor's notes is actually quite emotional when you look from your first when you were first born is it your father's stories army reports is it. There is a whole type of theater. I believe that is waiting to be exploded here now and that is the records being read for the first time to the person who needs to hear them in a safe place by thing. You'd have to be a very specific type of person well. This is not let me just just go with this grey because because you would have to go through the equivalent of a rehearsal process with that person so that they could start to know over this is the best place for them or is not because the the second. I walked onstage second. I walked on stage at the royal cooled to a Pat Doherty and Super Bowl tickets within twenty four hours to this to the to see this moment. John whispered in my doctor to this land after this. Were you within yourself just before you went lying. I knew I was going to do it it but but what Joe was saying was you can just walk away with you yeah so this is the power of the power of that it can it can hold itself like a Guardian and say we have just worked to there being three hundred and fifty people in this audience and I'm telling you know we can go right now and it's all good salary at some moments but to reading the files al.. She was stopped Lucinshi recife lamb eight okay. You'll continue was exactly a year. Okay the okay to continue. the first stop is like yeah yeah. I'm fine stage right and I could. I could do the do the do certain things that I can say J- joke. I'm I'm just as as the basic has the psychologist. I picked me all relationships all the dysfunctions things that you don't tell anybody then she would stop and say again that she'd say let me okay. Shall I continue. I just slowly gotten more and more like a car. Yeah just continue and I can't remember that. She said anything we remember yeah. I've never looked at it right. That'll I've never going to look at it. it was beautiful times people. It's okay I know a had we we as the suppor- and spice it was beautiful most overwhelming that it was an incredible so what is this. It's an incredible piece of fiercer. It's a theater is it's. It's it's the the fast space. This is the its its life celebrated. Its a life celebrated. Whatever the story DOC align it is this Martha's this matters now another Zia. This audience should be anywhere else in the entire planet Senate other than the second here. Thank you so so much for coming on a on the I'm the buildings got and another episode is done by the end I I was done me and Lambeau both fending off with tears in our eyes and we ought to stop but it was a great place to stop and in they're talking about the the psychiatric report on his files that were read swim by the one and only jewelry has been hellish so if you enjoyed that which I'm hopeful that did I really want you to go out and you know people don't come on there and peddle their wares their TV shows that are filmed their books by do want to urge her to go and get lambs. Memoir is called. My name is why I do believe it's how on audio book read by himself which I think might be an absolute treat for you so get out there and dig deeper in to the remarkable life of this fantastic fellow lamb. If you're listening I am so honored and grateful that you came in with a really good shot and it was search everything that I wanted to be China's revenue preconceptions when I make people because sometimes you can only be disappointed by certainly wasn't disappointed one bit and I really hope you one so thank you so much for download and subscribe and send all your messages. The the past masters we've had from Jill. Hoffman is episode Nikola Corcoran's episode last week. I've been overwhelming gills honesty with a stories as so many people and she's so gracious on social media you know if you've sent her a message in tact in any money she has responded by saying thank you and that's all it's as with Nikola whilst to tell you yeah the tour next year twenty twenty the common thick and fast later on today myself a griffin sit down. I'm going to map out I'm going to. Let's see if we are going to come to a city near you. If you haven't got those and let us know on social media way wants to go to and if there's enough people wanted us to we will be there but sooner what have we got October the eighteenth we are at York theatre royal. I'm just finalizing a guest now. Booked tickets are selling so go to your theatre royal dot co dot UK. I believe is an snap a ticket sale and we will say hello to you after it's going right now. The live shows are always brilliant and it'd be lovely to see there so I just want to say thank you so much for air and Sharon lamb lamb story and gains them is always on social media or no love to hear from you so until next week episode ninety eight. It's.

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