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He would make a donation even when the family was struggling financially here's the programs director sister mariam comrie he's the only parente the only one we've had hundreds go through a programme who would give me a twenty dollars every month without fail and when he was so sick he come with his walker he wouldn't let us sons come he had to come and make sure we put that in my hand every single month those twenty dollars were harder to come by after gloria was banned from coming back because she was a breadwinner if the family cleaning motel rooms and selling food on the side and their father social security check just couldn't cover all the expenses and although this inauguration has caused a lot of problems jim commence his mother for waiting out the ten years i'm of her flying wanted to do the ligier way and legal way to becoming a citizen or resident 'cause kozly years ago she could've gone another she to cross illegally again through the desert or where there's a lot of ways she and crossed now that he's decided not to have a career in the military jim is considering working in law enforcement even though he doesn't like to share much he does talk to his friend balkany has about his plans and ask for advice three were put the new one morning bought asked jim to join him volunteering with humane borders and nonprofit that works to prevent the deaths of people crossing the desert.

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