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This is back that. What's up back to backers? This is Willie joy, welcome to the show. This is back to back. This is my podcast. How is everybody doing man? Happy twenty nine teen. You know, we put out the first episode on midnight of January first twenty nineteen the first episode of this year, but this one this feels a little more official. I feel like everybody's getting settled back in. I hope everybody out there has broken whatever resolutions, you may already because those never work, and I hope you're just getting back into the groove, man. Getting back into the routine. I always liked the start of a new year everything feels fresh and we're going to keep it fresh here on back to back as well. Brand new guests brand new episodes. My guest on the show today is none other than ghastly. And this is an episode. I've been trying to put together forever our schedules. Have not been matching up we finally found a good. Time. Finally, got it done. We just had a blast. You'll hear exactly what I'm talking about. Once the conversation starts and look ghastly just got off tour for his mystifying oracle album his debut album that dropped last year. If you haven't heard it yet, you gotta go grab that and you need to keep your eyes peeled for his new EP. That's gonna be dropping very soon. He just dropped a new single with G. Rex the song is called heretic. I'm playing that on my Sirius XM radio show this week. And yeah, you gotta be on the lookout for everything ghastly is going to do this year the link to where you can follow him. Find all of his new music is in the description of this episode, and we're going to get into that chat in just a minute before. I do I think we're going to have a lot of new listeners this year, especially with this episode. So if you're listening to this for the first time, I wanna make sure you're subscribed to this show. Make sure to click that subscribe button on whatever platform, you're using the listen if. If you're on soundcloud, just throw us the follow that way every single week every single episode. I post is going to get delivered straight to your device, no hassle. You don't have to worry about missing a single one. They're all free all for you every single week of this year. And if you are a new listener, if you're just checking in for the first time, definitely scroll back in the feed look at some of the old episodes. I can pretty much guarantee. I've talked to some of your favorite artists already with a lot more on the way right now. I'm actually thinking about a really early episode. I did with Valentino Khan. And if you wanna talk about somebody who's just on fire somebody who just can't do anything wrong right now. You gotta look at Valentino. He's one of my favorite producers in the game. And I think at the time when he came on this show. It was really the first time he had gotten to open up about his whole career. Just the way he thinks about music. We both really enjoyed it. I still get people talking to me about. About it to this day. Definitely go check that one out and find some of your other favorites in there as well. It's well worth your time in that spirit. Also, don't forget to check out the back to bangers Spotify playlist that's a playlist that I date every single week. And I always throw in a bunch of new music from my guests for myself. I throw in music that we mentioned on the show music that may have influenced some of your favorite artists, just some brand new stuff, you might not heard some classics and the link to that is also in the description of this episode. I wanna hear from everybody out there too. So make sure to hit me up. My Email is back to back pod g mail dot com. Or you can.

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