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Call 808 590. W. J. R. That's 808 590957. You can call right now. In the meantime, Joe wondered if you might help an email listener who Brought us in his name is Peter. His topic is a 32 year old Frigidaire Electric dryer. He reports that it's been working just fine until one day he presses the and button. Nothing happens totally dead, His wife says. It's time to get a new dryer. After all, it has been 32 years. But here is Peter's dilemma. He wonders what could have gone so wrong. So suddenly, is it worth getting a service? Check to take a look? Could it be the ad off switch? Could it be the motor? What do you think? I think he has to go to the electrical supply immediately before he goes anywhere into the dryer, so tripped the circuit breaker. All the dryer out of the way from the wall unplugged the heavy duty to 20 cord from the outlet. And follow the court up to the dryer all the way up. There's gonna be a little tiny door there, you open up, and that's where your connections is for that electrical card that to 20 court. Check the wiring right there before you go any further. Don't be surprised if you see the terminal broken or something melted back there. And it's a matter of correcting it easy enough to do And as.

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