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And we might as well start that story with susan be anthony well that's that's kind of where i started so it is a good place to start that sumei see a few years back she was researching a book about nelly bly it was nelly bly that's what it was right so anneli bly was eight journalist one of the first investigative reporters of any gender and one of the first female reporters of the day ends so she was a feminist and she loves to interview famous women so at one point she interviewed susan be anthony and susan be anthony declared that she stands and salute every time she sees a bicycle and this was the part that really katsumi sees attention she said that bicycles did more to emancipate women than anything else in the world uh and i thought why is this feminist icon talking about a piece of athletic equipment basically yeah i mean when i first read that quote i think that can't possibly be true right right but but it was the 1890s when the bicycle explosion took place in the united states women led rather restrictive lives women's clothing was restrictive they were corsets and maung heavy skirts their movements were restricted unmarried women were rarely allowed to go anywhere without a shop around their physical activity was restricted they were kept indoors to protect their delicate constitution and the bicycle changed all that suddenly they needed clothes that were more practical for riding a bike so for practical reasons clothing started to get more reasonable.

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