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And four more bodies have been found in the rubble of a collapsed condo in the Miami area. That brings the death toll to 16. Crews have now moved £3 million of concrete at the site. This woman says she was on the 11th floor. When the building fell down. Last week. I was holding the bed And my dog was running around. She was very frazzled. Organizers of the rescue mission are now asking the federal government to send a search team to relieve crews who've been working 12 hour shifts. News is brought to you by the cunning dental group. The L. A City Council has moved toward an ordinance that would partially limit homeless encampments in parts of the city Councilman Joe Buscaino used a rare procedural motion to bring the ordinance before the council and I don't believe that we should leave on a monthly Seems to me that the narrative has to be enlightened and not draconian. The motion. The council agreed to orders the city attorney to drop an ordinance by tomorrow that allows the city to enforce the clearing of sidewalks in certain places such as near schools, parks and libraries. Chris and Carl. Okay, If I knew, Daly City Council has moved ahead with creating that partial anti camping ordinance, we'll see if they vote on it. Some civil rights groups have filed a joint complaint against the state over its emergency rent assistance program. They say the program excludes people without access to a computer in the materials are not properly translated into the languages of the majority of renters. An attorney with Asian Americans advancing justice says the five billion in rent relief and eviction moratorium extension do very little to stop widespread devastation. If people with disabilities people who don't speak English or people without Internet access can apply for assistance. The complaint was sent to the Department of Fair Employment and Housing and asks for the materials to be properly translated into multiple languages and the ability for people to apply for assistance by phone. Steve Gregory K F. I knows. A lawsuit from a group representing cities in Orange County claims state housing requirements for the next decade are double what they should be. Cities complained The housing quotas, which are designed to keep up with population growth aren't fairly applied across SoCal OC Council of Governments chair and Anaheim City Councilman Trevor O'Neil says the over estimates will lead to more housing. It is needed or can be sustained approximately 1.34 million units. We believe that if they used the proper data, we would be more in the neighborhood of 6 to 700,000 units. He says. Cities in OC would have to vote to join the lawsuit, which was filed last week. The state says it stands by its housing estimates in Orange County, Corbyn Carson KFT News A study by scientists at UC Irvine says fourth of July fireworks cause plumes of pollutants that are unhealthy. They say pollutants were 50% worse last year because Covid 19 quarantine restrictions meant more people set off fireworks in their backyards. The scientists say L. A county had the highest level of airborne pollutants there, suggesting Independence Day celebrations be more environmentally friendly. Health experts in the USA the World Health Organization's warning that masks are necessary to stop the spread of the Delta Covid 19 variant has not changed the CDCs guidance. Dr Anthony Fauci says fully vaccinated people would only need the masks as a precaution. There may be some people Even in areas where there is good vaccination who have special concern who maybe elderly who may have an underlying medical condition that she says people should get the vaccine to protect themselves because 20% of new Covid cases in the US are from the more infectious Delta variant and the U. S. Navy Blue Angels are said to store over Huntington Beach during the Pacific Airshow Flying brand new F A 18 Super Hornets. Airshow director Kevin Elliott says fans can look up inside during the flights on a new APP. People always ask us who's flying when, and that's not been something that we've ever published in the past, but because it is sort of a fan request, we are going to make that available exclusively through the Pacific Air Show at Elliott says Tickets available starting tomorrow will include Premier seating cabanas and RV camping. We've got a crash on the 1 10 again. Look at Carson, this time on the 1 10. Th, um, just before Carson Street. You're gonna have the middle traffic lane blocked here. Get away until they get that out of the way. Meantime, it's starting to stack up right around Torrance Boulevard Kft, And this guy is sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff Bock, Drive on the 105. Good morning. Thanks for letting us tag along with you here. Speaking of airplanes here if you're headed towards l A X West 105. The usual adventure got a couple of complications I'll warn you about but from the 7 10 through Long Beach Boulevard. Slow and 1 10 through Crenshaw, But the problem is westbound at La Cienega. Now that's that's kind of like an underpass over the underneath the 15 just past the four or five. So just be careful after that the tunnel through spoke with them is looking pretty good and going through Glendale. Now the north to at the Verdugo ramp will understand the sprinklers have done a terrific job of irrigating the asphalt, so it's a bit Pull up the there and wet. So just be careful After that, though the North to is in pretty good shape, actually, all the way up to locking you out front rich. No problem with their injured in an accident visited Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Jeff Fuck a by in the Sky Record, Riverside. It's on the 2 15 north End of Colombia. Everybody just moved to the right shoulder A slow shut down right around the 60 91 kft and this guy helps get you there faster. I'm robbin banks. The Clippers Trail of Phoenix Suns three games to two in the Western Conference finals. Tonight's Game six could be the end of the road for l A or cement. Their legacy is the comeback clips coach Tyler who has a clear message for the team. We just told him like right now, we don't know what the situation is going to be to be ready.

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