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Yes i could say much like reinitiate. How do you disney. Okay because you never know who listeners your sensitivity. i'm just putting out the appeases okay. Y'all got a son. Let this shun the light. They need to lighten inside. You come out soi put it there role bright. He wanted to see it. You get net to see it. They need to see they need to. Sometimes they hate it. God they will hate it but they seem because they had to see it. The hate it okay. And that just like i said it's acknowledgment is not thoroughly us. You kill it okay. You can't that's what this park is was about all right so i'm about here. Hope y'all gadsden is annoy. You got him pieces okay. 'cause this is just such as jane grey p. post the credit tan pieces for you until next time all right take care. Be careful you listening for in this. Please will be making no karuna babies you know. Stop drinking corona. Thank you like a pass key. Say i'm about to end the message though the best. Listen you know. I can say look just does the first thing that you see when you go in the store okay. So you walk in. Cologne is also. Allow your live here at a scene morning hollow social media your journeys colonus. What happens if something is his silent. I'll just you know prodi's before you never know you know what's going on. You know drinking 'cause it's the corona virus like uneven. Come on it's like getting the the chicken sandwich mulkey see mochi. Do how on these. You ought to be more wasn't okay now and this is just such baby. I swear i'm just trying to put it out the pieces for you okay. Make sure i'll take out the song of the week on drop that thing. She check that out. Yeah guy lewisham comey yaw says as you make these kitchen all right so next tom. I love you right so your what shall at the. Don't listen ray. So remember when i told you i was going to give you all you know. A little tribute denies came out with his new album and it was definitely thoroughly wise. I decided to do a throwback thing form. Yeah i wanted to go back you know. Everybody loves coming out with all this new stuff on my. You know what this is. Just it's such a gay man and to put this out there pieces for your side. Say you know. let me go ahead. Though this thing back. I want to check it out. Listen i is something necks.

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