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Charge for extras plus applicable tax no additional discounts or coupons may be applied five twenty eight time for traffic and weather together on the aids with Ken Daniels said about the path delays because we do have some now the Les system wide because some signal problems so path delays of for your Monday morning now single issue being investigating invested the Grove so dealing with that the rest of mass transit thankfully articles to schedule we've got no major problems of the subways and only double our major northern Jersey transit trains doing okay altered side is in effect for today across the Hudson minor delays at the Holland looking at the George Washburn overnight work at the Lincoln has long been cleared across the East River start to wrap up some work in the battery tunnel the queens midtown tunnel built parkway west on the ramp to the Verrazano bridge you've got some are right lane working place there and then rock the Westchester move along on the New York State Thruway into the top of the we had a problem on the New Jersey Turnpike for awhile it's gone now by common exit ramp to fifteen W. that action that was blocking the left and center lanes that has been cleared away we've got no trouble to Connecticut peaceful overnight Connecticut turnpike in Merritt parkway so both of those still on things do would fight always had the falling ice issue so keep that in mind you will have to deal with that still would some closures because the falling I situations a westbound Central Park south between fifteen seventy close fifty eight street between eight and seven fifty seven tree between fifty seven the nor about six Avenue between west fifty seventh satchel park south here's meteorologist Craig Allen in the W. CBS weather center and we have forty one in the city that is one of the warmer temperatures around this morning twenties and thirties out there in the suburbs so into the.

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