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Okay that's so there are some stand up guys but yeah i guess i don't know maybe guys like a soothing that girls were on the pill or whatever you got like sexually transmitted disease above stuff but good on the laney's being being like bray or speaking up not being passive great number two interesting that they found condoms are used less often during menstruation so reported use of condoms declined fifteen percent during menstruation and this is because one thirty percent of respondents said that they don't use condoms because they're less worried about getting pregnant and other reason was one in three respondents said not using condoms they're not using condoms during their period because they're unconcerned about catching an sti during their period i don't know why they think like maybe their chances go down i've never heard that not true yeah that's not true you could still get pregnant on your period there is a chance but yeah it is it is a lot more unlikely i'm actually surprised that like the guy wouldn't want to use the card we were like and stuff up there i mean yeah but like it's cool guys are just like whatever i mean yeah it's cool thing that we're not talking about here is like cool that people are having periods sex i support that yeah me too but yeah you so here's what they said they said yeah it is possible to get pregnant during your period although the dais was civic risk is variable depends on your cycle agent health but yes it's possible.

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