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In short. If you're looking print Avakian of coming of age story, steeped thoroughly in its place in time from one of our greatest contemporary living writers, purple biscuits may be the next great book. You're looking for. Readers. Visit modern MRs Darcy dot com slash one. Great book to learn more about purple hibiscus and all of the great books in this volume. You can enjoy purpose and thousands of other great books on Libro FM, the audio gap that lets you buy directly from your favorite independent bookstore. Visit Libro dot F M start your membership and get three books for the price of one today readers. If you need more great books, we've got them for you each week. We put out a new one great book episode. I also record an episode about a book that hasn't been published yet, it wouldn't be fair to tease you with books that aren't available. So I don't want to include those in this podcast feed. But if you want to be the first in line at the library or want to support authors by pre ordering you will love this little preview. These are bonus episodes we released where patriot community both are paperback and hardback level backers get extra one great book episodes along with behind the scenes peeks into how what should I read next and one great Booker made and. Engaging community of readers to chat with an access to our secret spreadsheet ball with all of the books from all of the episodes of what should I be next become patrons today at patriotair dot com slash what should I read next? That's PAT R E O N dot com. Patriot dot com slash what should I read next to start listening to even more one great book readers? Let me know if you've read purpose, or if you want to now on Twitter at an Bogle that is an with an e b ISM books OG L or on Instagram. You can find me there at n Bogle and at what should I read next sign up for our newsletter? At what should I read next podcast dot com slash newsletter. And make sure you check out our sister show. What should I read next that is our long format show dedicated to answering the question that plagues every reader? Readers. That's it for this episode. Thanks so much for listening and as Reiner Maria Roka said how good it is to be among people who are reading happy reading everyone.

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