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Days of summer so that typically what it was it was like the summer season but it was like may to september whatever with l._a. Summers they last for like that was last year season five was but anyways so yeah that's <hes> <hes> that's the destiny news interesting interesting <hes> so that means. We're getting a lot more players. Josh doesn't have anything but he's gonna adding. The only thing that i will say is kind of personal. No i mean i was working so i dropped the ball and getting my <hes> my brother's book that i was talking about came out. I guess thirtieth. It's called charlie calling. It's a historical fiction takes place in the early nineteen hundreds <hes> but yeah the sequel of sequel of the man with the black box essentially there it's it's all sorts of good stuff demons and devils and size fun and you can get charlie's call you can get it on amazon nice ending it on ibooks. You can get it anywhere and could use our affiliate philly lincoln. Oh you know it's some brick and mortar stores to write. I will be we'll be. That's so the print media is kind of a way of the past so if you want to get it now dot com and you can you can order a print version there but <hes> that's taken over my world and a couple a couple of other projects but yeah we talked about it before. You were just talking about that. You're doing it and you're launching it and now is finally yeah now. It's out so it's <hes> been doing a lot of the marketing and whatnot for that and a law goes into like a help publish it like i guess you let a lot of stuff goes into that process. So whenever you see a book doc <hes> appreciate appreciate just just the process that went into it because it's not just written it's edited. It's formatted for print. It's there's graphic design like i i did design the front cover <hes> so that's pretty cool to see my credit in the in the front jacket but i don't have to resurrect correct alan rickman to do the audio book for yeah <hes> so <hes> you know me boy <hes> d._c. Boy is how we know him. Yeah d.c z boy now <hes> so <hes> yeah all on dc universe apps dick author out as much as i can <hes> and we talked about it coming from comic con my big thing was that young justice outsiders <hes> greg weisman and wonderful people who who made the show <hes> they were renewed for a fourth season and so the third season just finished finished if finale it was interesting. I had a very like oh my god gung-ho reception and it was like burn killing it was like number one streamed show oh for like three weeks. I was phenomenal. It beat out like good omens and all this other crazy <hes> and then had like this. What's happening what's going on. Are we going to get what we've i'm waiting for for like five six years and then it kind of had like some dips here and there were like you know you can see the cia range ended off in like a really really cool place where a lot of the audience members now who like check the gap are really excited for so season four's announced. They're working on it but i want to bring this back to marvel in d._c. Plus us disney plus <hes> so a lot of people. Ask like what's going to happen with marvel. What's gonna happen with these fees is right and we talked a little about during our marvel recap. Check out that episode on youtube as well. We're going to get fi like three years of phase four right allie craig me two years two years and how are they going to do the movies ziada spiderman so yet but thinking of how the t._v. shows are going to roll out a hundred percent indicative this that's exactly because so young justice just ended mhm but by the time this episode comes out <hes> dc dc universe's original show that the launch show was titans season two will be launching..

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