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Mile time favourite. robbie browns there. Are you thinking we. We got a chance here to win a condo thinking. We gonna make the playoffs because the year before we made the playoffs in eighty eight eighty nine. We missed the playoffs. In in eighty nine ninety we lose the last game of the season the buffalo sabres in overtime we croup on the left point just throws one at the net. It hits chris. dahlquist are defensemen. The pants deflects in because we lost that game in overtime. We miss the playoffs. And the islanders are in but that gave us a chance to draft geographies overall in one thousand nine hundred but anyways when you start getting yager on we got eventually ronnie francis and we get brian trashy we get joey. Mullen larry murphy. I'm just off all these favors believe this. I knew we had a good team. Obviously but you never really know when you throw that mixed together you never know right but when you talk about great teams you always have to talk about the foot soldiers right now and i consider myself one of those. I don't wanna talk about my myself. Phone we're talking about the guys like bobby and guys like troy. Loney guys even guys like jimmy. Pack like you only strong as your weakest link links because we wouldn't allow it in our locker. We had a great coach badger. Bob johnson was a perfect mess. But mario still going through all back problems. You know what i mean so we never really know but when we got to the playoffs and we win that first round against the new jersey. Y'all were frank. Peter angelos come in and make the saving game six come home and win game seven on shutout but that's the way the playoffs are. It doesn't matter who you are downright right. You got you win one series especially that first series. That's so tough to win. So once we won that force the first series away. We want you just kind of get that little bit belief the belief you win the next series against the washington capitals of the rangers. Whoever we played You solely search. Think like okay. Things are starting to line up here but you never wanna get ahead of yourself guys. We one game number six against the minnesota north stars in our first couple one thousand nine hundred eight to nothing. It wasn't till two minutes left in that game. That mark record sitting next to me and i looked and i was able to exhale at that moment. We're up eight nothing. I think our chances of winning are pretty good right. Yeah but i wouldn't allow myself to focus until that moment and just said erects we're gonna win the fucking..

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