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Started as you know everything else. He's done on the pitch apart from two months has been pretty bad. He's been you know he's he's he's not been the immense that you've had the loss for six years. He's scored the only goal school. It's not to leave him out and this is the thing is what how he applies. Yeah they don't walk. They'll put you excise moments when you need them to produce those moments you know. The this is the difficult thing face getting critical moment for the teams he said. How can you leave out kind because the school was happy. That started because of what you can do when he feels about doing on the pitch. What what we need to get your big sense last question. Then we're gonna dive into this mound of questions at filling up daniel ex typing away in that little daniele column. War is in your heart in your your big big prediction. How this is going to end. I don't only stolnis prediction. And then you dreams. Prediction call stuffing overlap. He might lack that we. We haven't paid well so far so on the bicycle. I've seen again standard england foreign penalty to fake overcome hon. Me thinks we haven't had kylo so we haven't played well we know. Are we actually been genius here because when you get to. The court finds the semifinals. We've got jadon sancho. Drew thing them. You know jack. Plays haven't been kicking up very much negativity absolutely fighting fit coming into these last few games. So it's really just a genius and he's weakened and police out the bank waking team. Come the end of the tournaments and we're gonna win it a dream reality. Overlapping the program here is discussion. The poverty ended up guy when the finals went was always who knows. No one knows where any good all may i love. We we could only. I love the way you've just described in words as culminate calvin lowered winner in the final six inches. Listen a will be instantly come..

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