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As burned sweeps it away to Belski down. The is it goes that first power play even though it was unsuccessful. I need a couple of chances head good shots seem to get their game gear. Brayden point speeds of the middle center drops it for headman and now kucherov left wing point. Speed. Returns headman Al crossed the blood Andre right circle. Polat dumped it burns easily takes it away. And blasts it down the length of the ice. This power play a bit of a slower start good. Alabama's Lutsky for point though. Shovels. It. Interference on birds. They didn't call it. Oh, my he prevented point from getting to the park after point. Shoveled it ahead Dylan's able to grab it in clear down the ice never know interference. Any man. It is a judgment call. But that one seemed to be more black and white than some of the others Gujrat up the middle at center power play continues across the blood and hit the linesmen a broken stick for Kane. Video. It's time to go to the bench lighting have to regroup at Senator Gordon across the blue line, right circle. Miller right circle. Gourd loses hurdle. He will find Sorenson down the ice. It goes thirty three seconds left on the power play. Ryan mcdonagh regroups enlightening again, they've had virtually no zone time on this power. Mcdonagh to center ice drops it for Matthew Joseph Joseph will turn it across the blunt. He just got tackle naphtha pen. They call that one. That was I mean that was the penalty. But it was no worse than the one that they didn't call on burns lane. You'll get a five on three for seventeen seconds had no choice, but to call that. Number thirty nine. The commander says that was tripping out cutrier sharks are not happy with the call. We had no choice you let the other one goal. Now to do that one. Well, did they call it? A Kapoor Dylan Dylan was the one who tripton they were both there. It's on couture. No wonder he's upset. Okay. Dry here with seventeen seconds the amount of time in the five on three. Often they would have five forwards out there in the five and three Banou Tyler Johnson tied. And it's only seventeen seconds of five on three gonna win the draw for.

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