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They got burnt over and over and over again. A guy like Joe. A guy like Cory Littleton can can provide upgrades in that regard and then maybe you bring in a second guy through the draft and all of a sudden. Your linebacker position goes from a weakness to strength put. Were you feeling on on on a linebackers? I like one of the other options you put out there Blake Martinez. I think that he's a really strong tackler. I think that we've seen in his career with the packers that he is somebody that can really kind of command a defense. And so I think that that's part of what the raiders need. And it's not that Joe. Schubert can't do those kinds of things but I think in terms of how the raiders can really structure their defense and really overhaul. I think that he might be a better option. But I first of all Cory Littleton. I think would be the best. So if we're not for taking off the table I would say Blake Martinez only wanted to for the the sake of conversation. In past episodes we have spoke about Littleton. So yeah but I like Blake Martinez a lot and I think like something that you alluded to your article. That was important to note was that he played a lot of games with a broken hand. So I mean he missed a lot of tackles how much of it is due in part to that and he was good at stopping the run. He was pretty. Good hundred. Fifty nine tackles was and I think the team had. Even you know the the official team stats. I believe had like near one. Seventy or over one seventy that's their stats of course So yeah he's a he's a you know when you talk about Miss Tackles eighteen is what I what I what I saw is playing with a broken arm. But he's also that shows you sometimes where it could be a little bit. Deceiving he's getting there Where baby guys aren't even getting there? So summa has mrs could be in situations where there wasn't even anyone there to make initial tackle so at least he's shows obviously a nose for the ball. WanNa be able to be able to dissect the run and get there and as miles alluded to he quarterbacks your defense and I think that's a huge huge aspect. He's such an astute player and is able to to make the calls and then you know he might not be the athlete. That corey is or even Joe. Shelbert is but you draft a guy that that can be that kind of an athlete. That could be a better fit as far as defending the pass and all of a sudden. You've got a really good quarterback guy that's going to be able to stop. The run is good enough in pass coverage and then you also try to add to the draft and elite pass cover linebacker and again now. All of a sudden you're linebacker situation goes for a weakness to stay very stable. I think sometimes people underestimate how much that matters being the quarterback of the Defense. Because vaunt perfect was that for the raiders for the first few games of the year and then of course he gets suspended for the rest of the twenty thousand nine season and so then that responsibility shifts satire. Whitehead. And you know. I don't want to disparage anything about your whitehead in his character and whatnot you know. He is a good guy but I think that someplace where the raiders knew. They needed to improve. And so that's why you put in will compton in order to do those types of things throughout the latter stages of the season. He's got better and it did so when you have somebody like that who you now say. Okay we'll compton. Can maybe a bridge to somebody else. But if you can go out in free agency and signed the guy that you want to be the quarterback of your defense and you because you already know that that's better and then you draft somebody in the. Maybe they grow into that. I've seen that before with the with the Rams where you had James Lauren. Itis he had been the quarterback of the defense for years and years and years and you drafted Algal Tree. He starts out as the outside weakside linebacker and then he grows into being the signal caller of the defense. That's how you can maybe transition those things and make them work very very well and then. Alex handed it over to Corey yes and. Then he gave it to Eric. Waddel Eric Weddell You know th this year but he even Corey's a guy that could quarterback you're I don't know that necessarily his strength and I think Blake is you know he's he really stands out in that regard and also on the field but off the field. He's a from everything that I've that I've heard He's tremendous in the in the locker room He's tremendous. He's a great guy to have around. So I know some guy you know. There's there's fans out there that are knocking him for his athletic ability. Sometimes that can be exposed. But you're not going to get a perfect player. Necessarily he brings so much to the table that I think gets overlooked sometimes by fans and and that's why I put him on that. Lets US forth on my list But but there's no question that he provides an upgrade over what the raiders had last year. Someone else I'm curious about and I WANNA get your both of your takes on this guy. Patrick Queenie's a name. That's been coming up it when you look at the. Nfl MOCK draft database sees somebody they played for Lsu Championship game. That's something that Obviously Mike. Mayock and Jon gruden looked at a lot last year when they were kind of looking over their picks. What do you think about him as a fit? He's a guy that's you know. Had A fifty. Nine Solo tackles with Lsu. He's had a good share of fumbles and putting pressure on people. So what do you think about him and how he might fit in? I think he's a strong athlete. First of all I think when you watch what he was able to do not just in the championship game but in the run up to the championship game you see somebody who is a thumper who can come up and hit you who can run very well and that's what you need out of the linebacker position you need athleticism because these running backs are really really tough to cover you. Talk to guys about trying to cover. Alvin Kamara it is one of the most difficult things you can do. Because he's on these option routes coming out of the backfield so you don't really know which way he's going to go but you also have to be able to tackle him so there's a lot that goes into that and I think when you have that kind of linebacker yes each somebody that's young somebody that can run any somebody that can grow. That's probably a solid fit for if you want to overhaul your linebacker position. Why don't you think they're gonNA want well? They do want to overhaul the linebacker position but they have to. I think had the only regular player. That's that's even under contract for next year so so just in that sense. It's going to be a whole new crew and it has to be a whole new crew because that was like we talked about a weakness and I talked to Mike Mac. About it at the at the scouting combine. They know that they need to add. Explosiveness playmakers Dependability production at linebacker. And some other positions we've talked about Kyle Duger Last on the last show the The division three safety and in today's NFL We're seeing more and more were safeties are being able to come down to the line of scrimmage to play that de facto Cover linebacker so You know it might come from that kind of Ended in in terms of the draft. You might get a safety. That could play both ways linebacker and safety to be able to help in the past coverage because as miles alluded to covering these running backs nowadays by linebackers is. I'm not going to say it's impossible because obviously there's guys that can do it but it is really really hard and that's why you're seeing more of these safeties that are coming in and there's a lot of teams out there. Now that are playing safety sets because they're asking those that third safety to be that Kinda linebacker quote safety. That's going to be able to stick with running backs and tight ends out out of the Backfield to play. Madden quite often and I do love a good safety blitz and the more you can get up there and through a safety bullets in their Something I wanted to do before we wrap things up here is discussing a tweet. They came across on my timeline and this was last week when I had asked the fans about what they thought about the whole. Tom Brady incidents and somebody had said that. If the raiders. Take Tom Brady that. There is no way that they could still be a raider fan despite all the Times that the team has moved on them. And this goes back to the TUCK. Rule Where you're in Charles Woodson forces the fumble and then it said that it wasn't a fumble because Tom Brady was talking it in and That cost the raiders. I obviously advancing into the Super Bowl. So when you look at that as something that Raider fans take to heart still how do you think Raider fans would take it? If Tom Brady were in fact brought into the team do you think the a lot of fans jumped ship. Do you think a lot of fan. So hold a grudge. I think fans jumped ship. I think the fans not only grudge. I mean like so long ago I I understand that people have long memories in terms of in terms of football but I think maybe it's it's one of those things where Oh man we signed Tom. Brady Tom Brady this. Tom Brady that and then like if but once you know he starts winning games. Who CARES I go back to In the late great Kobe Bryant. I still can't believe I'm saying that right now. sadly but There were Laker fans who didn't accept Lebron James initially because they were quote unquote Toby stand exactly Kobe versus Lebron in that area. And it's like you know that would be like if the Lakers had gotten Larry Bird back in the day you're not going to accept Larry. Bird played for the Celtics. Obviously you take Larry Bird if he's available. Obviously you take Lebron James and you forget about all that nonsense first of all. It's not Tom. Brady's fall. It was the referee's fault or however the referee called it so to hate him on a play that he was just making the. I mean he was just out there participating. It wasn't his call. That's just irrational to me. And if he comes in here and does well and wins I think that even those knuckleheads that would dislike him for that reason would come around eventually all right so that'll do it here on the Vegas Nation podcast brought to you again by S. T. 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