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It pushes it outside of cells of its intracellular and not being seen by your immune system. And then you get your positive test that we do vitamin IV's etcetera for a lot of people of P. M. R. Another disorders that are inflammatory, including Lupus and rheumatoid. We do stem cell therapy because stem cell therapy one of its great characteristics is a shutdown Inflammatory cascade and there's a great deal of information on Lupus and rheumatoid. So if I already get on the computer and look at PM or in stem cells, I'm sure and I think I have in the past. Based upon callers, You'll see therapy that your own cells can repair damage to your own body. And if he 70 His heart, lung, liver, kidney, pancreas brain, You know, the organs are not what they used to be. So it's a brilliant idea having medical issues or not to get new cells it so They put him on steroids. But the story have side effects, I guess. Yeah, The easy thing to do is to put a stereo on board to try toe create. Decreasing inflammation, but it's kind of like putting a blanket over something. And then the problem gets worse. And you can't be on steroids. 24 7, Right. Okay. The longer on steroids, the more side effects thinning of the skin atrophy, you know. Austria processing Center. Yeah, you know, Okay, Doctor, Thank you very much. I'll communicate this to him, and I can't even go on your Web site. Absolutely. Dr Cal dot net. All right. Thank you again, Doctor for being there and appreciated. Have my pleasure, sir. Have a great day. Yes. Happy holidays as well. Thank you, but by phone lines are open 1 808 for eight W A B c 1 808 for 89222. Let's go to Brian in Bridgeport. How are you? Dr Clay to talk to you. I called in late Thea other day and I couldn't really talk.

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