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Chippy mcnish wades through the water in the bowels of the endurance. He knew the ice was bad but he can't believe the ships been hit. Water is pouring in. Chippy is a master carpenter if something needs fixing he does it. But there's no fixing mets rushes back to the main cabin defined shackleton sir. It's no use. it's gushing. I checked the hand pumps to their frozen shut. Shackleton nods okay. We need to get it contained. Seal off the back of the ship. We have to stop it from coming in should be hers away. Shackleton watches him go and then begins barking orders to the rest of the men. Everything boils down to three main tasks the enclosure the pumps and pushing back the ice a group of men rush overboard and try to hack away at the pack to relieve the pressure on the ship but every time they dig a trench it builds up with more ids esteem. Hunger head folks. The men are having the hand pump as well. They worked through the night in ships. But after twelve hours they're exhausted. Shackleton orders them to rest and shifts. We can't let her sing. As each hour passes. The men are weaker more tired but none of them complained. They love the ship to they run from the pumps below to the ice outside but still the ice keeps coming at ten pm. It attacks side the sound of timbers breaking stop the men in their tracks at midnight it closes in and starts to spots buckle and beams crack but still men keep trying hoping to save. Her shackleton knows they've done everything they care if five. Pm he calls. Frank wars lead to the upper deck. I'm sorry skipper. But we're going to have to abandon the ship. Please tell the men as wars lee heads below. He takes one last look. At shackleton who shadowed the icy white draft. Looks like a mariner lost at sea..

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