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In washington i'm windsor johnston a saudi led coalition air strike on yemen's rebelheld capital of saana today killed two leaders of the armed hootie group that's according to saudi state television the bbc sebastian usher reports the attack comes on the day of the funeral of sala al salman another who the leader killed in saudi airstrike this week the who is brought out all the pump and ceremony they could muster to honor the man who was affected their second in command an immense crowd of mourners turned out in a display which showed the rebels can still draw on considerable support the killing of osama was a big blow it showed how the saudi led coalition can now breach who these tight security and hit its leaders in a further demonstration of this the coalition bombed what it said was a high level hootie meeting insana hours before the funeral the rebels have since fired more missiles into saudi arabia the bbc's sebastian asher a man convicted of killing two police officers and new york state for decades ago is out on parole north country public radio's brian man reports the decision has sparked outrage from law enforcement groups and the victims families in nineteen seventy one herman bell was part of a group called the black liberation army they used a nine one one call to lure two police officers to a neighborhood in harlem new york city killing the cops in a rain of bullets in the decade since bellboy i regret for the murder and earned high level graduate degrees behind bars in march an independent state parole board cleared him for release that move drew a furious response from patrick lynch who heads a powerful policemen's union in new york city leading these murdering matz on the street is like saying walk free to kill again governor andrew cuomo said he disagrees with the parole board's decision but a judge validated it bell who seventy years old will live now under supervision in new york city brian man npr news police in detroit are preparing to combat a weekend of paintball warfare on the.

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