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Thin races in Nevada, Georgia or Arizona to take control. Megan gilbertson, with Maricopa County's elections department. It usually takes the county between ten and even up to 15 days to count all of the early ballads all of the ballots in the election and to kind of close all of that out. Warnock Herschel race in Georgia will be decided in a runoff, and even though control of the house is still undecided, minority leader Kevin McCarthy's officially launched his bid for speaker. We'll find out if the fed's interest rate hikes have helped cool inflation when the government releases new CPI numbers in half an hour. Many economists expect prices rose at a slightly lower rate than the month before. Russia claims it's begun withdrawing from a key port region in Ukraine. But CBS is cami McCormick reports. There are plenty of skeptics. Russia says it's withdrawing from the entire Russian held pocket on the west side of the nipro river, including her son city. It's the only regional capital Russia has captured in 9 months of war. But the Ukrainians warned the Russians if they are leaving, could sow destruction on their way out and turn it into a city of death, mining everything from apartments to sewers. It may plan to shell the city from the other side of the river. Police in Jackson Mississippi say they have arrested a 23 year old man in three suspicious fires that burned 7 buildings, including two churches, state senator Sally Norwood. Heartbreaking is very disturbing. A movie star is accused of sexually assaulting a teenager in the early 70s. CBS Stacy Lynn. In the lawsuit, Christina Charlotte hirsch doesn't specifically say the actor's name, but points to Warren Beatty's role in the movie Bonnie and Clyde

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