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We dug into that and and I put we published our findings at Forbes the Forbes column and thank you very much for highlighting this. Has nearly a half million views on it now, and it basically set the standard for national and international reporting from major news agencies. The the information was this. This was made public. In other words you didn't have to do dig it out as so often you have to do this was right there. So it was. It was on the Web. We did. We did read all the reports and we dug it out. And here's what happened after we published the investigation, and we can get into all the details here this evening because it's pretty extraordinary. Those audit reports within hours were erased from those federal website. We now know because we have the State Department on record that they issued the directive to pull down those audit reports, which were just quantified equipment and U. S taxpayers support didn't have anything to do with exposing Afghan nationals or other assets on the ground. It was only the equipment that taxpayers had provided. Uh and those audit reports were pulled off line. After the fact that hardly seems like there's any point to that I mean, other than something else that they did wrong. I mean, if you're going to do that, you have to do it before it's been made public, right? So, yes, it was mystifying to us, because the news reports. They're pretty clear on this that we left. The Taliban biometric information on all of our Afghan allies. We left the Taliban lift. We came to the Taliban with lists of Afghan nationals who had helped us over the course. The last 20 years that we wanted to evacuate. We asked for the Taliban help by name to get these folks out of the country and evacuation. Yes, The Taliban obviously is history of murdering those folks. And and so the Biden administration was perfectly transparent with the Taliban. On the other side. On the other hand, they were ripping down U. S taxpayer provided guns, ammunition and military style equipped military equipment that the Taliban already controlled. The only purpose for that, it seems, was to forestall transparency so they couldn't be held accountable so the bite administration could be held accountable. For the equipment going to the other side. Now, The Pentagon has said that some of this equipment, especially the sensitive equipment, was in fact blown up or otherwise disabled before we left. Do you have anything on that? So that's you know, that's good news. We, uh we heard stories and they were published in the media that you know are the soldiers our men and women, You know, they took the keys to the Humvees. So they you know, are they made, you know certain assets. Non operable. Um And so there's a couple of different thoughts with that one is taxpayers still paid for that it's still left behind, even if it is inoperable. Number two is that for sophisticated assets There wasn't a lot of time. Obviously, we didn't even get all the Americans out of the country. So much less. Take care of all the equipment that was left in the country, right? I mean, that only stands to reason. We just didn't have time to do it, so a lot of the secrets can be inspected and reverse engineered by the Russians and Chinese And one can certainly assume that that would be the case. In terms of of, uh The dollar value. It sounds like at least on paper. This would make Afghanistan at least a regional minor power militarily. Well, it would and think about this $83 billion worth of equipment and training over 20 years. Three billion Last year, the Biden administration was asking Congress and the president's budget for to Congress. For next year for 3.3 billion. They were going to increase the amount of money on equipment and training into the Afghan security forces. There was going to be no peace dividend. Uh, we found that interesting up. But Afghanistan is A small backward economy. Think about this. It only has $11 billion worth of organic gross domestic product. If you take away the United States subsidy at nine billion a year, they got about a $20 billion economy. But about nine billion of that was us. Organically. They only have about 11 billion. It's super small. They have the same amount of people as the state of California. California has an economy of over $3 trillion So we poured. We stuff this little nation, four of military equipment and guns and all kinds of different things. $83 billion. They never had the capacity to absorb any of this. And now everything that's operational is in the hands of the enemy. Stay with us more to come. 18665 Oh, Jimbo, 1866554626. Adam and GSG is the CEO and founder of Open the books dot com, one of the largest private databases of government spending in the world. 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