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Biden immediately went to the top of the democratic pack when he officially announced his campaign for president in twenty twenty. Stingy very democracy. Everything is made America, America's stake. That video announcement may have gotten under President Trump skin in a Fox News interview tonight. Mr. Trump said Biden wasn't the brightest lightbulb in the group. But also acknowledged Biden strong name recognition has a name that they know he they coming on with a little cute savings about me that he talked about the way the world is I'll tell you the way the world is today is we have a strong military. We have choice for veterans in tweet earlier in the day. The president said welcome to the race sleepy. Joe CBS news update on Pam Coulter. And I'm Jason Scott for NewsRadio nine fifty w w j news time ten thirty to the Detroit Lions using their first round pick in this year's NFL draft to tap Iowa. Tight end TJ Hopkinson the train had the eighth overall pick tonight in Nashville WW as Sony. Ortiz who spent over a decade covering the lines on the field says Hodkinson is a safe pick. But not one the fans wanted anybody TJ Hopkinson at Oliver was still available on the board. There were some other names available. The lions go with a safe pick and TJ Hopkinton keep in mind. The new offense coordinator double life plane with two tight end sets did that alive in Seattle. Now, he's got his two tight ends Jesse. James? They signed the free agent in the off. And now TJ Hopkinson who's been compared to Jason Witten. Not far after the lions pick of number eights at ten the Steelers take Michigan's Devon Bush while the twelfth pick went to the Green Bay Packers. And that was Russia on Gerry going twelfth overall in tonight's NFL draft Gary elected to skip his senior season at Michigan to achieve his goal of playing in the NFL. He was rewarded by being selected in the first round, by the pack. We'll have more coming up in sports at ten forty five. Meantime, Detroit Lions superfan falls shorts of the end zone in her quest for lifetime football tickets. Twenty five year old Hannah Pearson has never lived in Michigan..

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