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Behind the microphone. What was that about? No I was? I was thinking that it might have been me and so when Hannah when the guy played I was like Oh bitch I'm done and then I was like. Oh thank God. I didn't vote for him. I didn't really. I didn't really have interacted all this around that much. I really didn't get a chance to really know what was going to happen so I was just like. I still WANNA get ricky out. So I voted for Ricky again and then when all is L. O. S. has got played. I was like okay. Well Yeah when we when we assume when we were on the Kirsten McGinnis stream we saw going crazy. We you're like Oh my God Amon voted for like must've been one known to set Hannah home. No now I just knew that it shaped out into a way that she went home and over me because I knew it wasn't her. It was going to be me all man so this. This really annoyed me. Actually because I just voted with ricky. We had gotten Hannah out and I was in a room alone with him and we were heading into the final five and I was like I wanNA lock this in with Ricky for the final five but audrey says stay muted. Everyone headroom when I was like damn it. That's how she always does it. Yeah so she didn't do anything different than she always does. Five comes she. If you're not in room one she always asks everybody to. Please stay muted and go to room one and mute so you have to move rooms to room one ever all the families together and you have to stay muted. So you're GONNA have a chance if you WANNA talk with Ricky. You have to do it before time's up around NBA finals. So if I'd been able to feel a little bit more comfortable with Ricky then who knows? I wasn't too concerned about ricky or brandon leaving in the next round. But because I couldn't lock it in with Ricky I did feel more comfortable with Brandon to not drag me at four so we had into to the final five and it's time for majority rules.

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