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Our county and we said Dorian will be a major hurricane when it reaches Florida's east coast and while the predicted track suggests it will strike in the central part of the coast Broward county mayor mark Bogen says things often change well projections might be up to north Florida central Florida or even here we do not know at the last minute the hurricane can't take a different course there are reports from the entire coastline that store shelves are running bear gas stations are outs but that more is on its way Lisa and in the hurricane getting the attention of president trump as he cancelled his trip to Poland sending vice president pence instead he made the announcement in the rose garden before officially launching US space command boxes Rachel Sutherland has more live in Washington Lisa this is the first step towards creating a six branch of the military dedicate this space the president lauded the stand up at the US space command calling it a landmark day we will now treat space as an independent region overseen by a new unified geographic combatant command the creation of the U. S. space for so would still need the approval of Congress temporarily headquartered at Peterson airforce base in Colorado the US space command will be headed up by general John Raymond Lisa Rachel he violated F. B. I. policies in its handling of memos documenting private conversations with president trump that's the finding of the justice department's inspector general's report into former FBI director James calmly the report also says calmly failed to notify the F. B. I. after he was fired that it retains some of the memos in a safe at his home America is listening.

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