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It's 59 cloudy and four o'clock Good morning. I'm Steve Greenfield. Police are investigating a late night Brooklyn shooting. At least three people were hit by bullets during an incident that happened just after 11 o'clock in Albany Street in Stuyvesant Heights. No word on the victim's conditions right now. The Guardian Angels, meanwhile, are taking action after at least five attacks on New York City subway riders this past week. I've left some people on edge Lisa's Avanti files this report Sunday morning at the Barclays Center station. A man was pushed onto the tracks and suffered minor injuries. Saturday night, A man was slashed in the face by one guy with a knife on the four train as a pulled into grand Central, then sucker punched by another. Earlier Saturday at Brooklyn's High Street Station, a man was attacked by a guy with a box cutter. On Thursday, a woman in Union Square was pushed onto the tracks as a train approached and escaped serious injury Wednesday, another strap hanger was shoved onto the tracks at the Bryant Park station by a panhandler, The Guardian Angels, saying they'll keep an eye out and work on getting the emotionally disturbed Some help police the cell body WR knew at least nine People shun after a violent weekend in New Jersey's capital city. There was an incident at the intersection of Stuyvesant and Hoffman avenues and Trends. West Ward Sunday night. Four people were wounded just two nights before that three were injured in the same location, and on Sunday bullets flew on fair question. Coolidge Avenues, injuring two more people. Christian Mayor Reed got zero and police director Sheilah Coley leave. The surge in violence is related to the pandemic and the impact it's having on people speeding driver killed in a horrific Brooklyn crash. David Folk Thomas with the details. It happened early Sunday morning on the Belt Parkway in Sheepshead Bay, The New York Post reports 31 year old Jason Rivera of Can. RC was traveling in the westbound lanes when he lost control of his silver Infiniti and then slammed into a tree first responders, finding Rivera unconscious and unresponsive with severe body trauma. He was taken to Coney Island Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. The NYPD says a preliminary investigation determined or of Sarah was traveling at a high rate of speed at the time of the accident. David Folk Thomas W. O R new former governor, Chris Christie, telling President Trump the election is over. If you've got the evidence of fraud presented, quite frankly, the contents of the president's legal team has been a national embarrassment. Appearing on ABC is this week, Christy affirmed that he's a strong Republican, but said the country has to come first and in some locations you may have to jam elsewhere as Guitar Center is filing for bankruptcy. Nation's largest musical instrument retail chain, was hit hard by the pandemic and forced to shut down many of its 269 locations. Bank in March. Company says it has $165 Million in new equity investments, though that lenders have agreed to reduce debt by almost $800 million as it navigates chapter, 11 and a puppy's safe after his owner pulled him from an alligator's jaw. Richard Wilbanks told Wbbh he was sitting outside his Florida home when he saw the small gator dragging his puppy into the bank yard pond. 74 year old said Instinct and adrenaline helped him leap into the water to wrestle the alligator. In order to get his puppy named gunner back. Wilbanks managed to escape the encounter with only a few small cuts and says Gunnar is okay. The news is sponsored by the Ad council. Okay, Dad's It's Time to do the cabbage Patch, the running man.

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