Steve Austin, Brian Filmon, Vance discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard - Episode 68: IYH: Badd Blood 1997


I want to say in in november may be december that year where we just we stopped looking at ratings we stop you you know it was almost like the dirt sheets uh don't read on dole look at on the worry about them and we started worrying about the the business who was in front of us and in our house shows that our paper views and moving forward an figured that if we built that up that everything else would follow well uh here we are were at the paper view and the show opens with the bad blood graphic and the music playing of course a lot of you probably recognize i think this a steve austin's i'm sorry steve black ones a ring entrance means a later on um and then on the free for all they announce of course that brian filmon has passed away after wrestling than i've or in st paul um with covered his death and the way benson the company handled this and long form on our broad bilman episode there fear a really big fan of brian film and i can't recommend that episode foia enough it's probably one of our more detailed certainly one of our first buried detailed stories uh vance would mention this again during the nation of dominations entrance um anything else but maybe we haven't touched on that we should regarding brian pelmets passing and how you guys got that news that day that he had passed away i think for the full young comprehensive store yet go back to the pill men episode because we did cover it in detail it was a sad day it was uh.

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