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C. mash up also hammer I mean the an ounce small town about twenty twenty five minutes west of Indianapolis in Hendricks county I when I was growing up there were more than three hundred people in that town the last census Lysol which ballooned to a whopping five hundred people who lived in Indiana I graduated from tri west of super small senior class of about ninety five people that was in the mid nineties tri west is grown over the years it it's it's it's got to be a a pretty big school we're going to go on the hot line and bring on Julia dang from wish TV eight Julia you've been covering the story going on out a tri west the superintendent has just resigned do we know exactly why he resigned well no and this is the interesting thing with this story a couple community members and told me they were blind sided by what happened they never respond that it would be the one to leave but now she hadn't actually come out and confirm what led to his resignation board members haven't commented on it but they they talked about it last night during the board meeting as you know everything had been negotiated beforehand and if it was just business as usual moving on from there after the meeting so this I think people are speculating Azomite here reading your piece on wish TV dot com that this might have something to do with the the football coach what what's happening and tell us about the accusations against the football coach Tyler Bruce a couple months back and ensure to be clear there is no confirmed connections here between those allegations and this superintendent studied out she hasn't confirmed it the district is commenting on it board members had nothing to say about it last night but there is not a single parent number community number that I've talked you out there who does not believe that there could be some kind of laying back in March and I do not that their head football coach at Tyler bridge and he he was also a live track coach at a math teacher he had been having inappropriate contact with that after that complaint I think you the district of not doing anything is not launching an investigation not responding appropriately at bell south forward to mine another complaint and this time it was as school resource officer who reported seeing that football coach and dispute in that earlier complaint together and he reported he called it inappropriate interaction placed on leave the and then do you know which sparked a criminal investigation that until now is still on going the bridge have you been charged but did you bring headed Michael Springer she actually Brekken landed determination and not only that children teacher but the athletic director the dean of students who happens to be the athletic directors Weiss and and he was pushing for what do you need any numbers called accountability he is concerned about the allegations even though you know there have been charges the coach was not fired and the entire board the voting unanimously to reject those termination recommendations all three of them on staff a month after that we hear the superintendent is actually stepping down so yeah a couple people definitely caught off guard by that so just just to be clear Julia no criminal charges have been brought forth against the with Tyler Bruce who is the the tri west football coach in math teacher bought two different complaints in common and the superintendent had recommended not only that Tyler Bruce be let go from the school but the athletic director a a and his wife both three different recommendations to be able to to be dismissed from tri west the board members unanimously turn that requests down today do do we know why they voted down their dismissals the board and it makes you know with that statement and to paraphrase their their take on it flies essentially anything until proven guilty you know again no criminal charges have been filed this is an ongoing investigation and they sell there simply was not enough evidence and then after all that we hear the superintendent is stepping down did not confirm that it had anything to do with this for all we know they're there could be a personal reasons why he believes pose by it is public knowledge within the community that he clashed with board members over Cheryl hello this matter because handle Julia Jason hammer here and again no criminal charges filed against Tyler Bruce who is this math teacher the football coach but I believe in the state of Indiana you don't have to have charges filed against you for the school to move forward with removing you from your job what I've been able to hear and I don't know if you've talked to some people in the community or not is that it sounds like Tyler Bruce was kind of his hometown hero he was a star athlete he was the quarterback had a lot of success in football his family may have quite a bit of influence in that community as well is that not the kind of what you're hearing as well is it exactly what I have been hearing and I learned this is what I'm hearing from everybody I've talked to in Tampere were about fifty sixty people at the meeting last night not including the board members and deliver all of that that the superintendent was leading and this coach is still technically on staff on paid leave and that was exactly how they characterized in yeah can have that small town varsity blues feel to it for those who have seen that movie where you've got the coach is really popular in the community but nobody really wants to do anything about it Julia where can we find a more information on this story well we've got an ongoing coverage on wish TV dot com organic continue following it as we mentioned a couple times you know he has denied all charges against and there have been no criminal charges that I and you could point down the street in the added to her education actually did file a complaint last mind against Tyler Bruce and they're recommending that his teacher license be revoked definitely a lot to follow here Julie dangle wish TV Julia thank you so much thank you guys six on the right on the ninety three W. IBC mash up news we used to be like a actual legitimate news magazine like all the others right like more when there are news people that did new things and journalist see things yeah they all became like they all became that yeah well now they're focusing on hard hitting stories about how how tanning salons are targeting gay dudes and giving them cancer this is so they're speculating that tanning salons according to a study are apparently more likely to be in neighborhoods that have lots of gay dudes in them and so scientists and I use that word in air quotes scientists science as they went science right and now they're like how many tanning salons are in this neighborhood I'm a scientist look at me go and science these sciences are very worried that gay dudes are being targeted by tanning salons and therefore are at a higher risk of getting cancer and there are there almost making it sound as though gay dudes are somehow being victimized by the salon stages so dumb for real yeah actual person who lives in the world today doesn't know that exposure to tanning beds increases your risk for cancer you are to die you're so dumb for Ralph buttoning salons are targeting gave now do you plan yeah the neighborhood let's do it wait over here you guys have a great Wednesday we'll talk tomorrow it's the ninety three W. I. B. C. mash up to take ownership of the things that you say and then don't be surprised by what might come back and if you don't want certain things come back you won't use certain words and certain lexicon certain languages certain phrases the speech actually is what we have is a world that once the police so there is no actual thought going on to the next thing you know George.

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